• Description: I wonder how you can use this powerup?
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The Flying Dutchman | 38/100

this level wasnt that great to play... i wouldnt recommend ditching out a hammer and then putting down very simply enemies you can easily kill with it as it makes the level boring to play; try getting a lil more creative with your terrain usage... or try to atleast balance the level around the hammer powerup.

furthermore, you spammed a lot of piranha plants in 1 spot in the level, try to prevent that at all cost as spammy levels arent appreciate.

lastl, the level felt really short, try making it longer.


12/20/19 at 8:56 PM

Tomi444 | 25/100

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12/07/19 at 10:46 AM

TehMichaelSpartan | 22/100

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12/07/19 at 8:14 AM

Niro | 35/100

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12/02/19 at 5:52 PM

Mesopotamia | 30/100

This level is a relatively lazy piece, to be honest. The music used doesn't really fit the theme of the level: an athletic theme doesn't go well with overworld music (Music 1). In my opinion, the level could've been better benefitted by Music 2 instead of Music 1 because of this (I won't deduct points for this).

The level felt a bit too basic, it's almost a pretty generic level that's made by Nintendo. Since the editor allows you to customize the level with an infinite number of possibilities, you could've come up with a few creative and/or unique challenges that make it stand out from the huge pool of levels. You have a cut-off with the two pipes at X:37 which can be fixed by using the pipe top tiles or using blocks to 'intersect' the two pipes together without any cut-off. After that, it's just a series of jumps from platform to platform with few enemies parachuting from the sky and also jumps over bottomless pits from music boxes to music boxes until X:98 where there is a MASSIVE Piranha plant spam...

Firstly, the massive piranha plant spam causes an extreme level of lagging. Secondly, the fact that those piranha plants come out out of nowhere makes absolutely no sense: try to make them come out of any hiding places, be it a pipe or a 4-tile square involving tiles with no gaps in between. Thirdly, the massive spam blocking progression requires the player to spend unnecessary time trying to get rid of enough of them with the Hammer Mario obtained from the start of the level to even progress. And if Mario ever loses that powerup before the spam area, the player simply cannot progress. And then the last part, where Mario is required to grab a parachuting key before it falls into a bottomless pit, and not grabbing this key leads to the player unable to complete the level since the only goal point used here is a key and keyhole.

12/02/19 at 11:08 AM

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