• Description: **My Contest Entry for 5th LP Contest**
    Help Razzy deliver his letter to his best friend. In order to deliver it, he must climb the treacherous mountain and its path full of deep secrets and enemies and traps. That's where his letter will be sent because he lives alone.

    -6 Maps
    -3 Dragons Coins
    -Spam of Enemies
    -Puzzle Challenges
    -Unknown Glitch
    -Resting Areas

    Editor Notes:
    *Everything was made in Android, it was completely a nightmare to build this level with intense lag and play testing is almost impossible with sick, sick controls.
    *Imports (Custom Music) were done by friends that were never involved in level palace
    *Total work time: 24 days
    *Play-Testing on phone is possible
    *The Reason I joined because I need reviews from people who understand my story, plot, and probably climax. I'm making animations, that's why.
    *Hydrogen, why?
  • Contributors: Made on Android (100%)
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What Others are Saying

Lag YT | 80/100


09/08/20 at 7:44 PM

Squidward | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/06/20 at 5:40 PM

Seven | 97/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Story: 40/40

Cliff hangers, drama, heart touching moments... your story has just about everything that makes it outstanding! It just made me really want to find out where Razzy's best friend ended up. A good story is one that has this kind of power. And that's what it did.

Atmosphere: 25/25

It's rather incredible the vast amount of ambients that Razzy must traverse to deliver the letter! Each map set off unique tones and vibes throughout the journey, boasting pretty immersive tracks to further deepen the experience. Lovely job here!

General: 32/35

Not only this was really something else to read and to look at but also very fun and surprisingly intense to play! You got really creative with your backtracking challenges and a few spots where the player must stop and guess what correct order of actions to take. I just love this kind of stuff. My only real complaint here is the lack of checkpoints, because this level can get pretty difficult in the second half, further making the puzzles more convoluted and easier to lose your sense of thought. Still, amazing job here!

I'm sure this will be a serious contender for the top entries of the contest! My sincere congratulations, and making this on android must have really been a nightmare, but let me tell you: all the effort completely paid off.

-MarioMaster7771 (aka Seven)

02/16/20 at 1:33 PM

MrGerund | 93/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Hello Allen, seems like you were better left off not being a judge this time around and just making a level on your phone, huh? This story was splendid, it was quite touching and had a constant flow in it of revealing more and more and it had its own clear focus, the gameplay never diverted you off of the main story. The story of bringing a letter up the mountain in the hopes for a miracle to happen with an epic conclusion to it: hope. This is far from cringe to read, this is quite a masterwork. You left it off on a nice cliff hanger too! kudos to you, you got my blessing on the story part of the level. Copying celeste partly turned out really well for you, huh?
40/40 points

Woah, that was a hefty boy in terms of scenery usage, i quite liked it! you resembled climbing the mountain well, but lacked a few events throughout. You mentioned to compensate very well with the music really setting the mood: especially in the end, perfect length and a good conclusion of this search of hope. Music transitions felt a bit odd sometimes though and a few elements felt obstructive, but those aren't the biggest issue. I gotta admit though, the moment i heard the undertale music i kinda cringed a bit... ya.
22/25 points

Level in General
Another thing you managed to do quite amazingly... good usage of resetwarps, but a sloppy usage of checkpoints if i have to be honest with ya. The challenges were consistent and not too difficult either. there were a few hiccups here n there, like the spawning of the whole hammer bro stuff and the water section also had some odd indication and odd spawns, however, the water sectino was actually really good! the block containing a 1-up at the warp pipe with a flying koopa was placed quite cheaply, got hit trying to kill the koopa because of it. The ending, again, rounded down quite amazingly with a reset warp and riding the mole to victory and killing everything in your path to get t your goal, making this a splendid experience.
31/35 points

Final Score
Well then, i'm impressed, not gonna lie. I wish you good luck with your future SMC levels and am happy to conclude this contest saying you made something i can call a charm, keep up the good work... kudos to you!


02/16/20 at 1:33 PM

LaserTrap_ | 94/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

This level is honestly mindblowing to me. It helps with the story, which contributes so massively to the level and I honestly can't find anything bad to say about it. It sets up the level, compliments the theme, you name it. And it's not just a generic story, so I applaud you for that and the effort put in. You also kept the textboxes to a perfect length; you didn't feel the need to write forever.
The atmosphere was for the most part outstanding too. I couldn't believe how good most of your music choices... until the end. At first I hated that last music choice, since I didn't think it went with your tiling choices at all, but then I realized it was the end of the journey. I still think it's a little bit too overboard with the "happy" feel. I feel you could have found something that was epic and uplifting without ruining the scenic atmosphere quite so much.
The level also featured some master class design, featuring probably the best SMF water section I've ever played. There were a couple of minor cheese elements, such as being able to skip the green switch in the first map if you were small, using a duck jump. I liked that in map 4 you had a choice of jumping off the cannon or using the vine in the beginning, whether that was intentional or not. The difficulty set was most enjoyable for sure, although with map 4 being the hardest it became less fun, particularly after the chuck jump where I though perhaps you could have toned it down. There were just a couple of times where, if I'm being picky, you lost the creativity a tiny bit, like the beginning of map 6.

Story score: 40/40
Atmosphere score: 23/25
General level score: 31/35

02/16/20 at 1:33 PM

GameHappy | 99/100

Storytelling at its finest. The scenery is the best I've seen in a while and the overall level is near perfect. The best levels I've played are usually more difficult because a harder level is generally more rewarding and satisfying to beat. Since the level has a compelling yet calm story the medium difficulty works perfectly with the gameplay. The only problem I faced was the unforgiving challenges near the end that would have worked better with a checkpoint. The level's creativity makes up for the minor flaws I found and there isn't much else for me to say. You've made an impressive level and a great story that won't be forgotten anytime soon. My advice for your story is that you could try fleshing out the mystery person and explain why their friendship is so important.

02/13/20 at 3:10 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

Of all the contest entries besides my own, this level impressed me the most. I enjoyed how deep and subtle the story was, the first-person narration and how it leaves the reader with unanswered questions, like "Where is (s)he?", "Will they ever meet and if yes, where?" ... As you're aware, I found some cheeses in the level although they were minor. I do agree and feel that the level would've benefited from an additional checkpoint after the green map just because I don't want to replay all of it again after I do end up dying in the last map (#6) which I (somehow) did, a couple times in streams actually (lol). There's also a slight cutoff in the same map, X560 to be exact.

02/09/20 at 11:38 AM

BerKoBa | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/02/20 at 10:37 AM

StarTigerrr | 100/100

Pretty good, but the music could have been better!
Happy New Year!

Golden Apple
Professional Level Creator

12/31/19 at 4:41 PM

Tomi444 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/31/19 at 10:50 AM

qwertyquop | 99/100

Looking at the level instead of the story, I actually quite enjoyed this level. It wasn't too bad to play through, and the scenery and music made the experience more enjoyable. The challenges weren't bad, and were pretty fun to go through. One minor thing I want to point out is that you could have put more checkpoints in the level, at least in the later sections. I don't know if it's because I'm bad at this game, but every time I died in the later sections, I had to go back and replay sections, which kind of took out some of the immersion for this pretty relaxing level. You already had put buffer sections your character goes through, so you could have added the checkpoints there. Besides for that small point, this level was pretty good. Overall, really fun and calm experience, and it was really enjoying to play through.

12/31/19 at 10:45 AM

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