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MrGerund | 87/100

i really liked this! you had some good visuals going which went well with terrain and gameplay, i saw a roof which wasnt finished though.
there was a good amount of variety in gameplay here n there, a few reuses here n there though and well... the lack of powerups made it feel quite longwinded and overly simply with its length, this effect was strengthened by a lack of bonus challenges or secret areas.
the skull platform section were my least favourite ones since they felt REALLY slow, i suggest you put down consistent gameplay in areas like that with a tighter (but not spammy) enemy and terrain placement.


01/02/20 at 9:44 AM

Niro | 95/100

This level is so gooood. The length of this level is also satisfying, not too long/too short. Also, everything has been said on the previous reviews so uhh

01/01/20 at 10:59 PM

JetWing34 | 90/100

First level review of 2020!

This level was extremely detailed, but the gameplay was SO full of lag and had a few cutoffs in the level. If you also made the skull boats float across the purple lava quicker, then the gameplay would have ran faster.

Overall, the level had amazing monster placement and scenery. I only wish that one example of cutoffs like the arrowed sign near the goal tape would be fixed somehow.

I'll give this a 90.

01/01/20 at 6:04 PM

Vinicius BC | 88/100

Wow! This level lagged my SMC, the scenery is very detailed.
There are some cutoffs here and there and at x: 157 the bridge holds nothing, it flies! The skull part is a little boring because of the lag.

The level was cool, I did not understand why the forest had a roof, this is weird, but I will not take points

01/01/20 at 12:43 PM

StarTigerrr | 100/100

Amazing! I love this level! I agree with SamirPlayz.

01/01/20 at 11:24 AM

SamirPlayz | 95/100

Hello there, Let see about your level.
Tiling: 80/100
Your level does have a couple tiling errors but most of it is pretty good.
Enemy Placement: 100/100
Every one of those enemies poses a challenge of the level good work

Not bad with some well-timed jumps. Most of the level feels pretty original with your challenges.

Space Usage 100/100
Not a blank spot in the level anywhere. Good work!

Overall: 98/100
Your level did show pretty go challenges for Mario to get around. little bit hard for novice players, but for experts, it's difficulty was pretty well-balanced. The enemies really poses a threat from the way that they're placed. You did a pretty good job on that. and on top of that. No blank spaces in the level. There was a little bit of tiling errors and one of the Piranha Plants was popping out fro the base of the side pipe. I can easily tell that you were inspire by one of my levels, named, "Toxic Forrest". (Thanks for rating it btw). Overall, it was really good.


12/31/19 at 10:01 PM

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