• Description: VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLdvJ4w_3Is

    My entry for the contest.

    Story resume:

    The story is about of one young boy (represented by Mario/Luigi) That was kidnapped in a mansion. After spending a lot of time there, one day he conceived an escape plan. With the help of a friend of the mansion (represented by the dry bone) he will help him escape and cross over to the other side. Once through his first part, the boy gets confused and ends up in a part that he must win without anyone's help. For the last part, the boy manages to deceive the guardian (represented by the boo) and leads him by guiding him by having a small trap that leads him to escape.

    About the level:

    As Excelsior tower and Thalassa, you have to play with the dry bone and the boo in their zones. The blue pipes that you can see in the images are reset warps.

    USE THIS MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pIDIm99pOo

    No video yet.
  • Contributors: I know how you liked this desing tfd...
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What Others are Saying

LaserTrap_ | 74/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

You gave yourself a massive handicap by using SMF1 in a storytelling level contest, but you know what, you pulled through and I'm impressed. I can't give it too highly because there wasn't much room for development, due to it being SMF1, but your setup in the description narrates the level very well, so I'd say you did a solid job.
Your atmosphere was okay. I don't know an awful lot about tiling in SMF1, but I felt it could have maybe been a bit better, like having more than just the gray castle scenery, or the blue blocks as the main terrain. I wasn't convinced your music was best fit. But giventhe limitations, I do think you did a decent job still.
And yet again, you provided some unique challenges for SMF1. That dry bones challenge is especially clever, since it actually wouldn't work in the other games, AND it was relevant to the story. But I wasn't a fan of the beginning of the level. The timing of the flipblocks I eventually worked out, but it was a little annoying. The most annoying part was the jumps into the one-tile-high passages, which were irritating for how inconsistent they were, but with that evil little spiny there for one of them, there wasn't much room for error. And there were a couple of other spots throughout the level where the cramped build took away from the design.

Story score: 32/40
Atmosphere score: 15/25
General level score: 27/35

02/16/20 at 1:33 PM

Seven | 72/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Story: 25/40

The premise itself feels overused, despte being executed quite nicely in the level. Another thing that didn't help much here was the fact that this had to be portrayed in a SMF1 level. If you went with either SMF 2 & 3, you'd be able to take advantage of your narrative in a better and more practical way. Though the use of the dry bone and the boo was effective.

Atmosphere: 20/25

The tiles and scenery chosen fitted the theme really well, creating a pretty nice color consistency that fits the mood. However, I felt like you repeated some of the visuals throughout the bonus zone. A little variation would definetly help. Still, pretty good job here.

General: 27/35

For SMF1 standards, this level was actually pretty fun to play! The challenges of carrying the dry bone and the boo to complete the level is not something you see too often, which felt fresh and enticing to beat. The platform sections also increases intensity and demands a bigger level of reflexes. The main flaw I saw here was how some areas felt bland and uninspring, where the player just walks to the right and stomps on a few enemies.

-MarioMaster7771 (aka Seven)

02/16/20 at 1:33 PM

MrGerund | 81/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

A story in the description, the most you could've made of it, but hey, you managed to pull it off quite well in the end as for what it was and you portayed the story well with the whole escaping using the spirit and the golem, it was mainly gameplay instead of direct progression of the story. I expected some narration or something, but well... nothing really! Again, you got my bonus points for managing to pulling something off.
30/40 points

The atmosphere was done quite well! you gave a good atmosphere of some labyrinth like mansion and managed to make it feel natural and not too crowded, visuals mainly carried out the realisation of the story, which was good...but actual key components of events was what i was missing.
21/25 points

Level in General
The gameplay was quite fantastic! You manage to amaze me every time with whatever you still can do in a game as old as SMF1; the boo chase felt extremely unique and had well balanced challenges, the little grace period into the next section, but the first part hmmm... my complaint lie there, as getting a jump on the dry bone could get pretty obnoxious to pull off and messing up left you off with some nasty waiting for the flip blocks.
30/35 points

Final Score
I'm impressed by your effort, hefty chunck of bonus points just for the fact you actually pulled this off. However, there were clear issues and there were better ways to pull this off with some creativity.


02/16/20 at 1:33 PM

JetWing34 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/07/20 at 11:53 AM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Me encanta la idea del nivel!

Tener que guiar al Huesitos/Dry Bone golpeando los bloques en el momento adecuado teniendo cuidado de no despawnearlo, hacerlo caer o matarlo es muy interesante, y está muy bien ejecutado acá. Y la segunda parte del nivel (La zona principal) está muy bien hecha, a pesar de que sea más bien una jugabilidad más genérica que lo del principio, igual mantiene dificultad y diversión, lo cual la hace muy buena, sobre todo con los saltos con las plantas pirañas.
En cuanto al diseño, nunca pensé que el diseño de casa embrujada azul quedaría bien con los ladrillos de castillo grises, pero quedan muy buenos! Además, usaste variedad de tilesets para el escenario (Sobre todo en el área principal), lo cual lo hace aún mejor.

En resumen, me gustó mucho. 100% y dificultad difícil. Y también, feliz año nuevo (Aunque un poco atrasado)! :)

01/02/20 at 5:21 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

Story-wise I would've went for smf2/3 if I was you because smf1 didn't age.
The actual challenges themselves were really well done for an smf1 stage.

The only thing that really kinda annoyed me was the softlock
But then again I'd rather that than be cockblocked


Btw you don't even need the last 'down' platform before the goal orb

01/01/20 at 9:26 PM

javien322 | 99/100

This level is straight up (Almost) OFF THE CHARTS! It is very remarkable, But there is only 1 flaw.
-I really like how you use an enemy to make it through the level.
-Great and Awesome design and Scenery!

-Sadly, There is a cutoff at X1200 Bonus Zone.

Difficulty: Extreme
Overall Score: 99/100
Overall Class: Gold

It's only 1 step away from a perfect level, But it's still very fun and interesting!

01/01/20 at 9:12 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/01/20 at 5:11 PM

da_noob8games | 100/100

count figure out how to get pass frist pipe. so yeah and the dry bone it useless as you can only get hurt by it

01/01/20 at 2:26 AM

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