• Description: NOTE: If you're stuck, I'd recommend watching Nuozzu's guide video so that you're able to beat it, or if you can't beat it, you can at least watch the entire thing and still enjoy and give it a rate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0HZq1p5wG0
    Also, make sure to check Nuozzu's rate to see some of the glitches we used.

    These are what area each of us made:
    IggyHopXD: Main area: x0 - x500 / x1700 - x2600 / x3400 - x4180. Bonus Zone: x900 - 1580.
    Nuozzu4: Main area: x580 - x1680 / x2600 - x3120 (Ending 1). Bonus Zone: x0 (Start Position and transitions) - x800 / x1640 (Ending 2) - x4180 (Ending 3)

    So Nuozzu and I, being both two level creators who have recently been quite featured by our SMF1 works, have decided to make a tag level, to both show our SMF1 level creation skills mixed into one big level! It was made in a different way compared to most tags where each creator does one area, but we both still think we did a great job on it.
    We did it as a level where you have to redo the stage 3 times to get the true ending, with a lot of puzzles put throughout the level along with it. This idea was brought up by Nuozzu.
    We also decided to call the level like "Cueva de las Manos", because it resembles a cave found in our country, which is ALSO called "Cueva de las Manos" (Translation: Cavern of the Hands), named as such because of the handprints found on its walls. The theme was originally selected by me, but the name was decided by both of us while we were thinking about a name to give it.

    So well, people, we hope you all enjoy this tag, and of course, feel free to give us your opinions.
  • Contributors: IggyHopXD and Nuozzu4 (Level Creators)
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What Others are Saying

Tomi444 | 98/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/28/20 at 3:28 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 94/100

Not to sound nitpicky but X2280 would look neater if you didn't fill the entirety of the pit (with animated grass)
Because then it just looks ugly (like your mom's ass).
Minor cutoff at X2640 (the brick near the ceiling in the main zone)
The brown/red pipes transition, poorly handled aka cutoffs (bonus zone).

X920 (Main) - tedious piranha maneuvering is tedious
Dare I say the challenge was kinda devious
It's not so much the difficulty but rather the tedium
And that you only get one shot with the bullet definitely not medium

Reset warp exists but it won't magically justify spending so much time on one obstacle.
Instead of multiple sets, it should've been just one piranha (but whatever still possible)

The last lakitu jump was so ridiculous that I had to change the tiling but whatever it's the end of the level so I'll let ya off the hook. Tell me, do you worship the devil?
That being said, nice challenges from both, but it could do with a few tweaks. I also like the idea of more than one individual ending to the level.

P.S. I got past the X3880 (main) high bullet-bill jump first try ;D
And then the lakitu jump was where I last died

Lot of clever challenges, some pretty tricky
Some changes could do, don't wanna sound picky
There were cutoffs and minor errors, but eh, no biggie
Overall a great level from both Nuozzu4 and Iggy Azalea

01/27/20 at 8:08 PM

AwsumBuilds_ | 100/100

I actually like the level itself. It's actually really hard and I like the concept of having a reset pipe so when you mess up.

01/27/20 at 6:56 PM

Nuozzu4 | 100/100


As co-author, I clarify that the level has certain glitches (In my sections clearly hahaha) such as moving the game camera with the side2 platform, using the high speed trick and the mushroom trick that is the one seen in the image.

High speed Glitch:

Mushroom glitch:

Take the mushroom while you jump to teleport to the other side.

All red pipes are reset warps!

I enjoyed making this level and i liked the level in general, one of my coolest tag levels.

Hard and 100

01/27/20 at 4:17 PM

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