• Description: TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/dN-SC2Tb-Eo

    Level to conmemorate Rank 10!
    A new level, with a cool concept: Play pinball with the shell. The level is about the typical obstacle of using the shell to take down the enemies only in a more creative and ingenious way. All yellow doors are reset warps if somethings is wrong. I know about the variety of enemy, sorry for that. I made this level before The Great Escape lol. Please explain why you rate below 100 and have fun!
  • Contributors: Part 2 is coming soon
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What Others are Saying

Nitrogamer | 100/100

Great scenery and great puzzles. Love everything about this level!! good difficulty and was a blast to play!

01/13/20 at 8:13 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Mario: **Se sube a las plataformas rojas después de patear el caparazón** I AM SPEED

Muy buen nivel! Estuvieron muy creativas las ideas que usaste para perseguir los caparazones de los Koopas, algunas de ellas no se me habrian ocurrido nunca! Y en el diseño, veo que usaste el mismo que le gustó a TFD otra vez jajaj aunque fuera de joda, está muy bien, aunque ya lo hayas usado igual está bueno.

Así que en conclusión, es un muy buen nivel. 100% y dificultad difícil

01/13/20 at 7:36 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 96/100

As expected, another very creative puzzle level in SMF1. Sometimes I wonder how you still manage to pull these off in this day and age. While I'm impressed with the innovations I do feel there could be slight improvements, such as at X1920 there's 5-6 columns of flip tiles which negates the first few, X2620 wasn't bad but should've had more wiggle room imo as clipping through the one-tile gap can become frustrating especially with the flip tile being a part of the equation, and that block obstacle at X3360 with dribbling the shell gets to the point where it's no fun anymore due to how precisely spot-on you had to be with the frames. Most of the other challenges were fairly doable and reasonable but this obstacle sorta crossed the line. For the most part it runs pretty smoothly when clustered spaces and minor irritances aren't getting in the way. Rank 10! Congrats

01/13/20 at 5:53 PM

Game Weirds 64 | 100/100

Nice Level Awesome Scenery
the only problem is everytime i hit the block at start i fall into the void everytime

01/13/20 at 5:11 PM

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