• Description: Yeah i know what you're going to say its trash YEAH WELL IDC ALL MY LEVELS GET CALLED THAT!
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Enzone | 93/100

I don't really get why this level is getting poor rates because I think it's really good. The scenery of the level was well made and is great for newcomers.

There's only two problems.
1. There isn't that much in the bonus zone.
2. There is some unused space after the castle.

Other then that, I spotted no other problems. Good job!

Level Class: Gold | Difficulty: Easy

01/21/20 at 10:45 AM

JetWing34 | 43/100

Yeah, I will have to say the same thing as Meso. It was a fairly decent first level, but the level did not seem to impress me after beating the level. The challenges were barely present in the level, and all of the gameplay was simply straightforward. There were a lot of power-ups in the level, meaning the gameplay has tilted more toward smooth sailing.

It's a perfect level for time attacking (just as in tool-assisted speedruns), but not quite as impressive as the visuals. Most of the scenery is simply grass, grass, and more grass. You did a wonderful job too with the castle after the flagpole, but my suggestion is putting Tile 879 (white flag with a lime green star) on the very top center of the built castle.

I also forgot to point out that the warp pipe at x1200 can allow you to skip 48% of the built level. The only advice to give you is not to place the warp from the bonus zone too far out than the warp to the bonus zone.


01/15/20 at 7:21 AM

Nuozzu4 | 10/100

Man, this level its too short and the gameplay is very flat. Powers up are unnecessary directly and the challenges are boring. Try to the next time don't make warps thats allow the player skip a good portion of the level.

01/13/20 at 3:03 PM

Mesopotamia | 45/100

It was an okay level for a 1-1 equivalent, but not exactly good. Not only the challenges were repetitive and simple, but the powerup distribution was unnecessarily unbalanced considering the length and difficulty of the level. Still, I found it quite fun to simply breeze through the whole level in one speedrun.

The wrap to the underground part of the level takes the player way ahead of the second half of the level all the way to the goal pole. Try not to include wraps that ultimately allow the player to skip a large enough portion of the level.

The level design, in general, was pretty alright, but more can be done to fill up many parts of the level with more content to mitigate the bareness of many of these parts. Same for the underground area where something as a filler would be nice, as it had a decent length and was pretty bare. Lastly, be very careful with how you tile the pipes in the underground zone as there are 3 pipes with cut-offs on the ground.

Original Score:

[] -5 (Due to the wrap that allows the player to skip pretty much the entire second-half)

Final Score:

01/13/20 at 5:26 AM

awesomeness777 | 37/100

This level looked decent and the enemy placement was ok. I liked your usage of tile variety to make it more interesting. Unforunately, this level had too many powerups and coins, and it was also sort of short. This level's design wasn't bad, but it wasn't that good either. It was just pretty generic and bland.

Welcome to levelpalace!!

~~awesomeness777, Experienced LP User~~

01/12/20 at 9:25 PM

SMLFlash | 100/100

That's exactly what to expect from a first level, Easy. Nothing wrong with it at all. I like it. Nothing else to say.

01/12/20 at 7:56 PM

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