• Description: i make em easy i want to make it feel like my own game
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SANTIXU | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/29/20 at 8:51 AM

awesomeness777 | 23/100

This level had ok tiling, but it was really empty. There was barely any scenery, and there were no enemies at all. I also could roofskip at 300x to 900x which isn't really a "bonus" since it's boring.

Overall, this level looked very bland and was very empty.

01/14/20 at 6:32 PM

BaconHair11 | 80/100

That's to easy

01/14/20 at 4:58 PM

JetWing34 | 20/100

There are mixed reviews based on their own perspectives, but let me take some serious judgment on this level.

The level's gameplay is basically a no-brainer. You're greeted with eighteen coins in the shape of an "L" that you can collect as you enter the caved zone. There are no enemies to face between the first set of coins and the other set of coins to collect (x300). Big problem because it felt extremely straightforward and nothing felt special to grab my attention. At x300 of the blue cave, you're encountering sixteen more coins to collect that resemble the shape of a square. And x540, you can collect five coins resembling a shape of an underscore. If you grab the mushroom from the mystery box in that same area, you can go back to x300. There, you can hit the coin block (of the misleading color), bust the brick above it, and then roof-skip from x300-x900. That's almost 15% of the level skipped. The area between x900 and x1400 felt nowhere near special, as you collect eighteen coins resembling three rectangles each.

As far as the rest of the level went, there's nothing special at all with the monster placement. The coin placement fell entirely flat. The gameplay was SO bland that there's nothing to do in the cave level other than a sigh of relief that the level's over by touching the flagpole.

The lack of a balance of monster placement, scenery, coin placement, and challenges is the reason why this level gets an unsatisfactory rating. It did not impress me at all.


01/14/20 at 9:05 AM

Nitrogamer | 40/100

The level indeed feels pretty empty, but its what you would expect from a 1-2 level tbh.

you could of added some better scenery and different challenges.

01/13/20 at 8:07 PM

IggyHopxD | 65/100

Could've been better honestly, but it wasn't actually that bad.

First off, as Nuozzu said, the level felt kind of empty. You should have added some more kinds of scenery rather than just the repetitive skeleton thing, like for example, the scenery used for the blue grassland (Blue trees, blue grass) and the scenery for the blue ghost house (Blue fence, blue clock, blue lämp), which even though they're not intended for caves, they work very well with the cave theme. The outside area (Grassland) should also have had some more scenery, but I won't judge too much for that one, since Nintendo themselves do not decorate those outside areas, so it's not that much brutal if you don't either, but it would be nice if you did. Also yeah, be careful, because you used some brown blocks at some points which kind of look weird in the blue cave.

The gameplay was fine but, again, it also felt empty. There were very few enemies/threats in the entirety of the level (One firebar, one piranha plant and a few bullet bills), and it would've been MUCH better if it had even more enemies, but again, it was actually still a bit fun to play as a level with very few enemies. Also, I would recommend fixing the roofskip at x240, because using it you can skip over a considerable portion of the stage.

That's it. I won't rate down for the unused space because honestly since you can't really see it in gameplay it's not a problem, but be careful with the other things I explained. 65% and Easy.

01/13/20 at 7:23 PM

Nuozzu4 | 10/100

Well, here i go with my review:

For starters, the biggest problem of the level is that it is completely empty! The gameplay is only jump over platforms and avoid bullets bill...
There's no scenery or something related, but the desing is almost good. About the challenges... well... are lazily elaborated and the level needs some enemys to kill or avoid.

You can use the blue power ups in the same page of blue cave tiles in the editor because you used the brown block tiles...

Try to check in the gold section some smf1 level series to get some inspiration.

Thanks for play and rate my level too.

Easy and 10

01/13/20 at 5:30 PM

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