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What Others are Saying

AwsumBuilds_ | 91/100

How'd you do that music?!

01/26/20 at 10:08 PM

Fail Meep | 90/100

This was a really fun level with amazing scenery! But everything has flaws, like the lava bubble clips in map 2 X:95 Y:0 and the end of map 2 just seems kinda filler to end the map.
Difficulty: Medium
Rating: 9.0/10.0
Class: Gold

01/17/20 at 4:39 PM

SMLFlash | 100/100

Like the rain and poison gimmick. There's even a 3-up moon. In front of the Checkpoint. It wasn't as easy as the first section. It's all cool.

01/16/20 at 8:23 PM

darknesu | 85/100

Neat atmospheric level with SCENERY, gameplaywise pretty decent ig.
The colission was so weird at x19 map, Mario will be just stuck, if you don't duck under the pipes, also in the other one mario can duck, when he is small, so you can basically skip the lotus plant, not your fault tho, just mentioning it.
I liked the checkpoint area, nice way to utilize the cloud power up.
Tho the last part was kinda too much sprites were just placed there just for the hell of it, basically too much on the screen that was kinda meh.
Anyway i rate it 85\100

01/16/20 at 1:05 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

As the first level(?) made in the new beta, it went pretty well all in all. For optimal experience you can try and limit your sprite placements. Parts like X56 in the second map are particularly annoying to deal with due to the sheer amount of enemies looming around, even worse with the accumulation of spike balls.
Side note; I think you use this custom music quite a lot seeing as this is like the third time you used this same track so I don't know, maybe pick a different one for your next level, keep it fresh y'know what I mean :p

01/14/20 at 3:41 AM

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