• Description: This will be my final level in SMF2 before I fully move to SMC. This is meant to be a tribute to my last series, so expect reused content!

    P.S. This level was simply made for fun and NOT for recognition, so I don't really care how you people rate it (sorry for the strong language, lol).
  • Contributors: Nathan Nathan, for the CBG used in Map 1. Build, for the CBG used in Maps 2 to 7 and Map 10.
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What Others are Saying

kevinareco55 | 95/100

great level, a big fortress. Difficult hard 96%

01/25/20 at 1:24 AM

InTheZone1 | 90/100

is a good level if you have a lot of time. I played it like a cheater bc it was hard and im a noob but in general the gampaly and design was good

01/24/20 at 5:22 PM

Nathan nathan | 69/100

Wow, I am glad that someone used my background! Thanks for using it, it fits well with the map (map 1). So with that, let's review.

The scenery was pretty creative, but repetitive. The castle tiles, the bridge tiles from page 3, and the "goal" tiles you used from page 8 could've been used more. Also you could have used webs from the 3rd to last page. Now for the gameplay, the worst part of the level. The enemies were spammed in a few maps. In map 1, you used several Bullet Bills and cannons.

The Bullet Bill Generator could've been removed. A couple of the enemies came out of nowhere like the Grinder and the Boo Clock. I could go further, but someone already did that, so I don't need to. The enemy placement could have been way better. Overall, this level was sort of good. I will give it a 69/100. Could've been better (Hard) :3

Things that I took points away for:
Repetitive Scenery (-3)
Spammed/Repetitive Challenges (-4)
Enemy Placement (-4)
Feelings Toward Level (extra) (-21)

01/22/20 at 8:43 PM

pedrosorenan | 88/100

To get to the point: This level has enormous potential, but it has many errors that prevent me from giving a perfect rate. Let's go to them:

Flying Koopas at the beginning were well thought out, as they make a good challenge, although simple. However, a little further on I was surprised by the Boo clock that killed me unexpectedly. On the second attempt I managed to get past them because I already knew they were there, but then it was Grinder turn to kill me unexpectedly. Remember: the people you share the level with are unaware of the challenges ahead, as unlike you, they did not create the level. Unexpected deaths also occurred with the piranha plants in 2720Y (map 4), with the Grinders in 1760X and 2220X (map 6).

I really am not someone who is bothered by cuts in the landscape, but what happens in 0X (map 8) are stark and destroy the feeling of depth.

Some minor things that bothered me at this level:

- The 780X Thwomp on map 1 does not provide challenges unless Mario jumps before reaching it.
- G1F overloads the enemy screen on map 1, I recommend that you switch to G1S.
- I understand that maps 2, 7 and 9 are bonus sections, but you could have put some enemies and / or small challenges to improve this part and not make it so boring.
- The challenges involving the grinders at the end of map 6 are repetitive.
- The angry Koopa at 3200X is useless as it falls directly into the abyss.

But don't think that I hated this level. There are great ideas here! As I said, flying Koopas at the beginning provide a pretty decent challenge. Maps 3 and 4 were very fun sections, challenges like 320X (map 3) are very creative, as well as creating a vertical level. On map 6, the A3F works perfectly and is in perfect harmony with the enemy's position. Although I found some of the challenges on Map 8 quite unfair, this concept is really new to me, having never seen anything like it!

It is a good level, but it could be much better, I would really like to give it something close to 95/100, but the large amount of errors prevent me from giving a gold rating.

Difficulty: hard.
Final rate: 88/100.

01/22/20 at 11:37 AM

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