• Description: Play on Chrome Incognito if loading the level code causes the game to freeze!

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uqF5GCA77U

    Recorded using Chrome Incognito as it provides a more stable FPS when recording using its built-in recorder. Also, please don't mind the forced hit at 3:20 since I got a little impatient waiting for the right timing. This level is possible to beat as Big Mario. Lastly, I had no idea why there's no sound :(
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What Others are Saying

Drostalun | 90/100

It was definitely a good level, the only problem is when i died just before the checkpoint, i immediately did not want to finish this level due to just how long it goes before a checkpoint, i would make it have sooner checkpoints so its not as crushing to lose all that progress, especially for users (like me) who have this game lag with levels as large as this with a rain effect, speaking of, i loved the scenery, the gameplay may have been slow, but with better checkpoint placement i think it would be a perfect level, also theres potential shell jump cheese, just a note, it doesnt dock points or anything, just hadnt tried to do it lol, overall good level, but dying a few times sometimes made it repetitive to go through those long sections again, overall ice level!

02/08/20 at 4:07 AM

miau1000cat | 79/100

un buen nivel pero creo que algunas cosas no van acorde al nivel las cuales son el agua, eso a se que el nivel se veo algo aburrido, pero todo lo de mas esta bien.

02/08/20 at 1:56 AM

BerKoBa | 87/100

Good level with a big challenge, but the water theme makes the level a little bit boring and the water drops really lagged the level, but the level is good

02/06/20 at 5:32 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

02/03/20 at 7:43 PM

adam02oc | 86/100

Despite my computer lagging like crazy, I managed to finish this level. It was pretty good. Its strongest feature was certainly its use of decoration, which I felt wasn't too much or too little. The music was also pretty neat. However, this level isn't perfect. Here's a list of some of the worse aspects...

* The gameplay was boring. Water-Based levels usually are, like you mentioned in your description, but it's no excuse really. There are some areas which could have done with better placed enemies ( The fish at X 28 Y 25 should have blocks beneath them so they present some kind of challenge, instead of just flopping into the void. Also the Moles had no use other than waiting for them to drop down.) and more original gameplay other than enemy dodging. However, your enemy variation was pretty good and some of the challenges, such as the On/Off Switch, were okay.
* There is no need for the rain foreground effect imo. It doesn't really match the style of the level and looks unnatural when viewed underwater.
* The paths of progress could have been clearer. Maybe use signs or coin paths?

To summarise, this is a pretty good level, but its tedious gameplay let's it down big time I'm afraid.

GRAND TOTAL: 34.5/40
(Rounded down): 86%


02/02/20 at 5:02 PM

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