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    This is my Twenty-First uploaded level. Enjoy!
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What Others are Saying

yolo | 93/100

Wow. What can I say. K I'll just list the stuff I rated down for then the stuff you're acc interested in.
- The actual scenery of the level is not half bad but could be improved
- Apparently this doesn't fit the 'rating for difficulty': the lack of an infinite CP (1-up each respawn) meant that getting back to it felt boringly tedious. From a guy who makes 'hard' levels, use infinite CP
-It's actually easier not to go past the first chain ball at all because when you hit the switch just use the moving one to get onto the ! block as opposed to the skelekoopa platform

That's about it (I may have a bias because I acc beat it from start to finish (in like 290 tries)

Fun stuff:

The hardest jump was definitely jumping on the spikey ball as big mario onto that one wide pillar. It was the main cause of death in the second section. The spike chain spiney jump was difficult at first but you get the hang of it. Getting to the pipe in the first section was a tad unfair as it was really weird how you get to it. I think literally the only way you can do it is by high jumoing as soon as the podobi hits you as large mario. I cannot tell you how frustrating it was getting onto the second spikeball after breaking the spinning block

Ca m'a ennerve

03/06/20 at 2:39 PM

miau1000cat | 95/100

perfecto en casi todo (no sabrĂ­a decir te que no me gusto)

02/11/20 at 10:04 PM

Nitrogamer | 100/100

Very good level! you could cheese a few sections, like at the start by jumping with the key to the door and unlocking it so you don't need to bring a key with you. this level was my first kaizo I played and beat on SMC! great challenges!!! scenery is on par too.

tho the first jump was annoying af, I somehow got it first try and then proceeded to suck the next times XD

02/11/20 at 4:25 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Pretty nice level. You've done a nice job using SMC's editor, and I like how you've done this level. Not much to say, 100% and Medium.

02/10/20 at 9:24 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 96/100

After a handful of attempts and clearing every individual section, I can for sure say this is a challenging yet very well-made level.
I think you also know deep down that the first jump from the koopa to the chainball was hellish frustrating due to how precise you needed to be. And because it's also the first challenge, it's discouraging for players of all skill levels. That being said there's an abundance of ideas that I have not seen done in SMC thus far, and the level utilizes the spinjump and enemy obstacles that were very uniquely designed. Other than the very precise jump in the beginning and some inconsistencies, I enjoyed the puzzling challenges. I give it a "C" for "creativity" ;)

02/10/20 at 9:09 AM

javien322 | 100/100

Great job Adam! This level is great!

-Great use of scenery!
-Very creative use of puzzles.
-Very well detailed.
-No Cons!

Like I said, No Cons.

Difficulty: Hard
Overall Score: 100/100 (A+)
Overall Class: Gold

Nothing is even close to terrible in this level. Great work!

02/09/20 at 7:58 PM

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