• Description: You just need to keep the Koopa shell, don't lose the shell!
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What Others are Saying

ashley2009 | 90/100


02/18/20 at 3:44 PM

miau1000cat | 80/100

es algo que ya e visto en el juego. la verdad si me gusto tu idea de agregar esa ejecución a tu nivel

02/11/20 at 10:12 PM

SMLFlash | 90/100

I guess I can see why this is called "Keep the Koopa shell". If it repawns, It would be a great help.

02/10/20 at 8:50 PM

MinecraftNintendo | 85/100

This level is good, but the shell can't respawn. So if you lose it, the level is over. So, I think you should place more shells in case you lose the first one.

02/10/20 at 10:18 AM

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