• Description: UPDATE July 30th, 2020: I updated the level info so that it can be played from the normal SMC, now that everything in the beta this was created in is now in the normal game :P

    So this was my first try at making a full serious SMC level, instead of just a test or something like that. I kinda had knowledge about the physics after playing so much SMM and so many SMW hacks so there was no problem for that, and as for the design, I went for a simple grassland design. Could be a bit generic, but it was my first try at using this particular editor. It feels so different compared to, say, SMF2, that it took me quite a few hours to make while also figuring out the behavior of stuff and the keyboard shortcuts, but after all of that, I came up with this. I hope you like it!

    (Also, yeah. This level's name is a reference to my level "Some castle level", which I did about an year ago.)

    So as always, thanks for playing, and feel free to give me your opinion about it.
  • Contributors: Luigibonus (Creator of Super Mario Contruct)
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What Others are Saying

adam02oc | 85/100

I enjoyed this level and , for your first attempt at SMC, it was pretty good! I enjoyed the simple challenges and the use of Toad Text was well implemented. Scenery and decor-wise, the level looked pretty great! However, there were some issues I had with the level. Let's look over the major problems I found...

* There is an Orange Pipe in the Cloud Section of the level that leads nowhere and results in a softlock if Mario enters it.
* The gameplay was, as I mentioned, pretty great, but it could have been better. The challenges were a bit too short and simple for my liking and the level ended before it had really begun.
* The Bonus Room was wasted potential if you ask me. Maybe offer a mini challenge or better rewards than just coins? It was still a nice touch nonetheless.

To summarise...

(Exact Percentage): 85%


02/19/20 at 6:10 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 85/100

It was a decent level, and with a little bit more of scenery/decoration and thought put into enemy placements and obstacles, it could be a great level.

02/11/20 at 8:24 PM

JetWing34 | 90/100

It's a rather great level, but there have got to be changes done on the challenges. The red coin challenge for a prize is nice, but despite the stage of the current beta version of the game having buggy mechanics, it's kind of nice to have a 3-up moon in your arsenal.

The cloud flower area of the level needs some monster sprites to create an attack on Mario. That way, it will be a challenge for Mario to preserve the cloud flower.

Since this is the first SMC level of yours, you did great on that. Other than that, there might need to be some tweaks to the level as soon as Version 3.0 of the live LP Super Mario Construct is released.


02/11/20 at 5:52 PM

Nitrogamer | 85/100

Level is nice, could use more scenery, cloud flower is actually not really a beta power up.

so yeah. level looks really nice, though the 3-up moon at the beginning is a lil generous. For your first attempt at a serious level, it was pretty good, though the cloud flower section should have been longer since it was so short between the checkpoint and the level end.

good level, but could use some scenery and challenge improvements

02/11/20 at 4:15 PM

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