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LevRoot16 | 90/100

Well this level look very nice like on someone who make his level first time. great challenges that show how many cool challenges you can make via SMC engine however this level could be better if we take about screeny.

My rate: 90/100

02/28/20 at 10:08 AM

adam02oc | 69/100

This was a pretty decent level for a Rank 1 player! It looked fairly okay and had some good gameplay to go along with it. Imma mention the flaws real quick...

* The decoration and scenery used in this level was fine, but it could have been expanded on a lot more. Try not to cluster too many of the same tile together and avoid cutoffs by using L2 where objects do not fully connect with one another (Eg. The Grass Decoration on the Green Mushroom near the beginning of the level).
* I have conflicted feelings towards the start of the second map. On the plus side, the challenge of avoiding the Spike ball by running ahead of it is unique and really original. On the other hand, it kinda hits the player out of nowhere, and can kill them if they react too slowly. Try giving a grace period of at least 5 seconds upon first entering a map so that the player has time to breathe and take in their surroundings.
* The Secret Exit is a cool feature but it the method of warping should not be invisible as it is very obscure. Maybe use a pipe or door instead?
* The Boss fight was easily the worst part of the level for me. The intense difficulty is way out of sync when compared to the rest of the level and it just felt really unfair and uninspired, as if you had no good idea on how to finish the level.

To summarise...

GRAND TOTAL: 27.5/40
(Rounded up): 69%


02/19/20 at 10:38 AM

IggyHopxD | 97/100

The level was pretty well done! The challenges were really fun and all of them were really well thought. The only problem was that the level could've had a bit more scenery, but it's still pretty good. 97% and Medium diff.

02/13/20 at 6:20 PM

DragonHeart | 80/100

Honestly, I found this level quite enjoyable. To start with, most of your enemy placements seemed sort of planned out and made some of the challenges unique. I also felt as though the back track was well done in the first map. Unfortunately, I felt as though all of the maps were in major need of a little more scenery and the map overall looked a bit boring. Well on to me rating system:

Gameplay: 22/25
Scenery: 11/25
Challenges: 9/10
Creativity: 8/10
Lvl Layout: 10/10
Enemy Placements: 10/10
Length: 5/5
Secrets/Incentives (Idk what to call them in SMC): 5/5

80/100 Nice Work!

02/13/20 at 5:15 PM

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