• Description: Feliz Día de San Valentin, Aquí te presento un nivel lleno de AMOR. Todos tenemos alguien con quien con partir, no importa si se asemos amigos o novios, todos podemos expresar lo que sentimos, al igual que yo exprese haciendo niveles para todo el publico, niveles que hago con un solo fin el cual es para que disfrutes, Gracias por a ver Jugado este nivel ESPECIAL (hecho con AMOR 100% puro)

    NOTA IMPORTANTE: Este nivel es la secuela de Inside The Valentine Pipe, un Nivel creado Por: World dash
    Este nivel no aparenta ser una copia del original. Cabe a conocer que el ESCENARIO y la MÚSICA usadas en este nivel son de World dash no míos.


    Gracias por Jugar.


    Amigo si lees tengo que decirte algo muy importante,
    me gustaría que no te enojaras, nunca fui tu amigo, ni tu mejor amigo, SOLO FUI TU AMIGA, TU MEJOR AMIGA, TE TENGO QUE CONFESAR QUE NO SOY NIÑO, SOY NIÑA, MI HERMANA DULCE ES UN NIÑO, se que te parecerá algo raro, pero es verdad.
  • Contributors: Creador Oficial: miau1000cat Propietario de Escenario y Música usada en este nivel: World dash
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What Others are Saying

Animdude64 | 99/100

This level is very fun! My only complaint is that the text box could use some adjustments. But that's about it.

02/28/20 at 10:41 AM

Mesopotamia | 92/100

This level is quite fun to play! It had a decent amount of powerup distribution coupled with really solid gameplay, visuals, and atmosphere. It was kinda fun, but at the same time, a little repetitive, to kill almost every enemy you see with a Fire Flower. And having to hold the key throughout the level makes the level quite tedious to play considering the significant amount of enemies and the fact that you need to keep dropping the key to slowly kill enemies one-by-one before proceeding. But then again, it is entirely possible to beat this level without a fire flower with some caution taken. There are also a few blind jumps in the level involving pits, and sometimes I fell into a pit either due to misleading coins or having no clue where I'm going to land. The level was still pretty fun to play despite the issues I mentioned above so I'll still give this a Gold Rating.


02/15/20 at 1:29 PM

Softendo | 100/100

This is a pretty good example of an easy level that can be fun.
And yeah as you can see, i found it pretty enjoyable and it looks pretty nice to play as well, with no cutoffs.

And i don't agree with the Dave fella here belowmetioning about "enemy spam" which, i didn't find any here, maybe he's new i guess.

Happy Valentine's Day!

02/14/20 at 4:48 PM

buble ZTS | 100/100

ASOMBROSO, AMO EL DÍA DE SAN VALENTIN, me encanto el nivel , fea maravilloso

02/14/20 at 2:28 PM

Dale | 95/100

Fun level, maybe a bit too many enemies, although not quite spam-level. I will give you a 95 and medium for the difficulty

02/14/20 at 2:19 PM

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