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What Others are Saying

BerKoBa | 23/100

This level wasn't that good, it was bland, repetitive and really short. The vine challenges were repetitive and overused, the enemy placement was random and also bland, the level design in general was boring and bland
Level design: 5/10
Enemy placement: 4/10
Level appearence: 5/10
Creativity: 3/10
Power up placement 6/10

02/15/20 at 2:03 PM

Mesopotamia | 15/100

This level is pretty bland and at times, quite blind. The level started off quite blandly with jumps over bottomless pits coupled with a potential blind jump at the area with the moving platforms by going higher. The second half of the level suddenly shifts from blandness to repetition, with jumps from vines to vines and a football chuck that doesn't cause any issues due to him being blocked by tiles. After that, there is another blind jump in the level, with an arrow that is almost impossible to see unless you jump to peek. I see what you're trying to do but please make the arrow more visible to the player next time.


02/15/20 at 1:37 PM

Softendo | 26/100

Eh i've seen worse ones.
To be quite honest with ya, it is not good:
It is pretty bland, repetitive challenges (e.g: The one with the "vinejumping" near the end), the enemy placements are not that good, no scenery at all, Bad Tiling, and the jump which leads to the finish is literally a blindjump, i was literally not expecting it to be the end of the level at all.
Conclusion: There's a massive lot that you can improve, so i hope that you can use those words to improve and not be mad with me lmao

02/14/20 at 5:04 PM

frankito45 | 20/100

malisimo muy mala jugabilidad y desafíos muy cortos y la parte de colgarse de las plantas podías hacer trampa pulsando x y no trepar las plantas es mas facil mejora los graficos y las estructuras sera mejor

02/14/20 at 10:24 AM

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