• Description: World 7-1 from Super Mario Bros on the SNES only I changed part of it.
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What Others are Saying

KyleTheWraith | 65/100

This user did not provide a review.

02/14/20 at 4:21 PM

IggyHopxD | 60/100

This user did not provide a review.

02/14/20 at 9:45 AM

Nuozzu4 | 70/100

Well, here i go with my review:

The level is playable, you have to delete the parentheses around the word remastered before click load.

The level have some changes and isn't a copy exactly of the world 7-1, good job with that.

My gripes are the enemy spam in some areas, the flat desing and gameplay and finally the incomplete scenery.

About the scenery, i mean you can add some clouds for example. Why you mixed the bush tiles? looks ugly. The same for the bonus area.

Finally the music 1 doesn't fit with the volcano theme.

Medium and 70

02/14/20 at 9:33 AM

miau1000cat | 1/100

hay un gran problema, QUE EL NIVEL NO SE PUEDE JUGAR, copie el código, después fui al juego y pego el código pero no se puede jugar por que el código no es valido, AYUDA, POR AHORA NO PUEDO CALIFICAR

02/14/20 at 2:47 AM

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