• Description: Super Iggy Bros. - World 3-3: The Mansion's Basement

    1. DO NOT use the reserve mushroom, because it lets you cheat the some of the puzzles. To play the level more as it is intended, when opening SMF3, go to the game's "Option" menu, then "Customize", and then set "Def Stock Item" to "None".
    2. Red pipes, as in most other levels of this series, are reset pipes. If you screw up a puzzle, enter a red pipe, and you'll be able to redo it.
    3. If the custom BG ever disappears during gameplay after warping, it's not my fault, it's because of the strange way that SMF3 handles CBGs. So if it ever happens, don't rate down.
    4. [MOST IMPORTANT] The level is 100% possible, just that it can be a little tricky, so don't rate down for it being "impossible" because it's not.

    Ok, that was the most important part of the description. Now you can either go play, or read the rest of the description. Do as you wish :)

    Iggy continues his adventure through the creepy mansion of the boos. Now, he encountered himself with a pipe leading to the house's basement, which King Boo, a very old friend of Bowser and owner of this gigantic mansion, flooded and filled with enemies and puzzles to make Iggy's adventure more complicated. Help our Argentinian hero find a way through!

    This is the first level of SIB that I decided to make in SMF3. Most levels of the series will still be in SMF1, but there will ocassionally be some other SMF3 levels as well sometimes. As a challenge that Nuozzu made me do in his review of World 3-2, on this level I was NOT allowed to do the Shell + Thwomp challenge anywhere, so instead, I came up with as many other interesting challenges as I could think of to make up for the ban of this one. This actually was fun, since it made me have to think about other alternative challenges to replace it, so shoutouts to him for suggesting this challenge!
    About the level, it was hard to decide for a good theme for a basement. After some thinking around, I decided the best approach would be to use the SMW Ghost Ship background and the grey ghost house tileset. And for the song, I was between various options. One of my options was to use Song 3, AKA the Castle Theme, but then I decided it didn't fit that well for the level, so then I was between other two. The song "Here We Are" from the Undertale OST (AKA The True Lab theme), or the Edit Mode version of Mario Maker's SMB1 Ghost House theme. It was a hard decision, but then I thought that the second option probably would fit better. And lo and behold, it was the song I decided to use in the end.
    For the design, I don't think it's one of my best works in SMF3 (I've done MUCH better SMF3 stuff before), but in challenges, I think I've done them pretty well. So far, it's my favorite Super Iggy Bros. level I've done.

    Clues to find the secret 1-up:
    "On the top of the big door, after the end of that long journey..."
    (Yes this one's pretty obvious lel)

    So I hope you like this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinions. Next level (3-4) will be back to the usual SMF1 stuff btw, so if you expected me to suddenly change this series into an SMF1 one, I'm sorry, but the SMF3 stuff will only be ocassional. :)
  • Contributors: Nuozzu4 (Suggested the no thwomp + koopa allowed challenge I used for myself to make this level), Vini64 (Publishing the song I used to Youtube, AKA the SMM SMB1 Ghost House Theme Edit Mode), Przem1994 (Custom Background)
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What Others are Saying

BananaMan 248 | 98/100

Neblina y agua en la casa fantasma? jajaja

02/27/20 at 7:25 PM

mhdcod | 100/100

wow !! this is very good level !!

i like how its took me a 20 mins to beat it xd

rate : 100/100
difficulty : hard

02/20/20 at 9:43 PM

Nuozzu4 | 100/100

Bueno, acá voy con mi feedback:

Me costó, pero adiviná que? Me lo pasé! Valió la pena.

Tener que maniobrar siendo grande o pequeño en el agua fue un poco difícil para mi pero todo salió bien y pude terminarlo.
El diseño se ve bien para mi aunque no se mucho sobre como se diseña correctamente en SMF3 o SMF2 pero bueno, se ve bien dentro de todo.
La decoración creo que es decente, digo, que mas podes agregarle para que luzca como una casa encantada?
Los puzzles fueron interesantes para mi gusto, tuve que usar mis propios checkpoints para poder resolver cada cosa (también aprendí a usar correctamente lo de Exits/Entrance que me mareaba un poco).

Veo que aceptaste el desafío de no usar el típico setup de koopa + twhomp, bien, pero yo me refería para el siguiente nivel en SMF1, por lo tanto el nivel 3-4 tampoco debería tenerlo ya que en smf2 y 3 se pueden hacer mas cosas...

Tal vez harás un nivel de backtrack como cueva deseada? Vamos a ver...

La mejor parte: Creo que es la que debemos activar el on/off, el p-switch, volver y tomar la flor, pero la mejor sin dudas es que lo completé!

Aun así lo considero con dificultad media y 100

02/20/20 at 6:21 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

This user did not provide a review. (See livestream) blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

02/19/20 at 4:54 PM

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