• Description: Based off the 5th level. The 4th level I can't make due to the limitations of the height scale.
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What Others are Saying

francy Y | 69/100

cool level , easy and short , in this level yoshi is useless because you cannot climb with him :(

03/26/20 at 10:35 AM

Sharkboy02 | 65/100

Level was confusing but i loved the creativity with the lakitus.However,Boom boom isnt really a hard boss

03/16/20 at 11:10 AM

pedrosorenan | 60/100

This level was pretty confusing, to be honest. I had to look in the editor to be able to complete this level. This is never a good sign. It is not at all trivial that you should enter a pipe in the first part. There are some parts that I didn't know if I had to go up or go to the right. It's a very short level, which can be beat easily in 1 minute if you know what to do. However, stay 5-10 minutes without knowing where to proceed.

The idea of ​​going up in "buildings" is a good one and it was very well exulted here. Although the design is not the best I can say that there is a good scenario that makes the level captivating for those who play. The windows of the buildings were ... meh. I recommend that you play the level "Techno Base - 4: Chemical City" of Kevinarecco55 to be able to do something better, since there are similar concepts in the scenario.

The fight against the boss is anti-climatic and protocol. You could have put enemies on the screen to make it more challenging. Furthermore, if Boom Boom falling into the abyss, it is impossible to complete the level, so never place the Boom Boom in scenarios with abysses. I also recommend that you use auto scrolling (A2S or A2F) to prevent the screen from moving, or simply create a new map with dimensions 320x240 in the updated version of SMF2.

This level is not my favorite, nor was it so much fun, but I admire your attempt to show something new, as well as your effort with the level.

Difficulty: medium.
Final rate: 60/100.

02/20/20 at 3:42 PM

JetWing34 | 70/100

Really impressive how I can climb on buildings! It's just like Spider-Man in the movies and comic books! However, you'll have to tweak your level a bit simply by limiting the cutoffs in the level. The enemy placement is fantastic and mirrors the enemies you see in the Spider-Man game made by Jakks Pacific!

You did wonderfully well with this level. And of course, you CAN make the fourth level and exceed the limitations on the height scale. All it takes is multiplication and then some algebra. If you have any problems learning to exceed height limitations, let TFD or any experienced level designer help you along the way!


02/20/20 at 2:14 PM

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