• Description: A hard version of 1-1
    There is a bonus room, and a few added platforms to help traverse the level, because I couldn't make it across without them.
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What Others are Saying

EdFanConstruct | 99/100

This is a good one, but I have to agree with other ones. The idea is old. It was pretty tough for me at first, but at least I passed it.

03/25/20 at 6:05 PM

Julien | 70/100

Good remake, but the idea is old. Anyway, this was a really good remake and I enjoyed playing it. 70

02/28/20 at 8:22 AM

Luigi_Awsome | 71/100

First we saw it in SSM. Then SMM2. In fact, even is Mario Multiverse! And you brung it into SMC.
Stressful in some points.

02/22/20 at 7:14 AM

Gamerclm678 | 70/100

i like the idea, having no ground, but there were a few problems. first, it wasn't really that hard. instead, you could've done a level from later in the game, like 2-1 or SOMETHING, because there are too many 1-1 remixes. the level did have cutoffs too, somehow, and they were at the lil hard-block staircase things. you could've just used stone blocks. I did enjoy, But what on god's everloving green earth is the flag at the end? 70/100 and hey, i'm being generous, cause i like the idea.

02/21/20 at 10:19 PM

JetWing34 | 35/100

Super Mario Construct has a bunch of creative ways of making Super Mario levels. This one without the ground is one of them...well, partially, anyhow.

Even with the setup as World 1-1 of SMB1 from 1985, this level is actually straightforward rather than the vice-versa. You can actually shave 15 seconds off the clock by using the typical bonus zone. The desert tiles used in the level has some cutoffs at x129 and x142.

I'd have to also mention that the castle in past the midway point is creative, but the flagpole could have been better if not included since there's a goal point there.

Not a bad level, but there has to be more elements such as monsters or challenges to spice up this classic with a twist.


02/21/20 at 4:01 PM

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