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    This is my first desert level in SMF1, and a tribute to Nuozzu4, my favorite SMF1 level maker. It's been a long time coming.
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IggyHopxD | 100/100

Love it! Nice tribute to Nuozzu. The use of the bonus area didn't really feel Nuozzu-ish (I don't recall him adding bonus areas in his levels, or at least in his more newer levels, idk about the much more older ones), but the puzzles and the design really went well for a tribute to him. Not much to say, I enjoyed it very much except for the fact I died in some really dumb ways at some points (:P) but yeah, I still loved it. 100% and medium.

03/01/20 at 7:24 PM

BananaMan 248 | 100/100

Agree with others here

02/28/20 at 8:17 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

02/28/20 at 3:13 PM

Nuozzu4 | 100/100

Well, here i go with my review:

Finally after 9 years here, someone makes a level tribute to me, thanks you very much!

Now about the level, i dislike the desert and forest theme but this is an exception! The level was insipired on my old level "Pampean desert"? Overall, this one is one of the best desert levels i've ever played! Nice scenery and desing here!

About challenges, well, i don't care if you didn't use some of my coolest obstacles like glitches, fireball race or a pinball setup but this level contains some clever challenges, example:

-x1540 (I always like this one)

Resume: I loved this level and thanks for the tribute, keep in mind that I just woke up and see that you published a tribute to me makes me my day!

Best part: x2780

Hard to Medium and 100 (and added to favourites)

Re-rate Thalassa 2... ahre xD

02/28/20 at 10:00 AM

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