• Description: I was seriously one song away from using an actual decent song, and this was what I had to make a level with? Why does this song have to be so uneventful?

    About the level: I was dreading about making a level with this song, since it's just seven seconds. Hopefully this terrible hold level is good enough. Also, fun fact, this is my first attempt at a hold level. With that information, feel free to rate low (with reason, of course).
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andresluigi | 95/100

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03/27/20 at 4:13 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

Both sections were enjoyable, although I find it almost just as amusing that some of the hold sections can be played normally. I'd also encourage placing coins at the last mega-mole platform before leaping unto the fence. As for the music choice it fits the hold sections well but not the normal gameplay.

03/26/20 at 10:46 PM

IggyHopxD | 95/100

In map 5 at x1480 you should've used a gray podoboo instead of a purple one, good level otherwise, specially goes well considering you used the shortest song of the OST. I was expecting you to use this song just for one area and then use the next song of the OST (Mysterious Places I think) in the other area, but this works too I guess.

03/26/20 at 7:06 PM

pedrosorenan | 95/100

Amazing level! Both the hold part and the regular part have great gameplay.

Obviously the hold maps do not have much of a challenge, but they reward you with a satisfying and elegant fall / run. Unfortunately you only had 7 seconds to make Mario run the entire map, so everything ends very fast (only 21 seconds counting the three maps). It is interesting how you managed to perfectly synchronize the end of the song with the moment when Mario enters the pipe.

The regular part is also quite fun. The music irritated me a little at this point, because it was repeated a lot. The challenges are good, although none of them stand out for their originality, everyone maintains a consistency that makes the level pleasant.

The scenery of all the maps is good, but on map 5 in particular I think you shouldn't have overloaded it so much, because the dark filter makes it a little difficult to see some tiles. For example: At 1080x I thought there were nets on all the tiles above the piranhas.

This is an easy and fun level, the way I like it the most! Good work!

Difficulty: easy.
Final rate: 95/100.

03/24/20 at 4:11 PM

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