• Description: Super Iggy Bros. - World 3-Balcony: Big Boo's Bricky Balcony

    Iggy has to travel through the mansion's balcony, where he knows that there is a pipe that should let him go into the other exit of the house, found in the border of the Watery Desert, where Bowser could also be hiding, considering some of Bowser's footsteps were found in the floor of the mansion at different places. However, there's a small problem: This pipe is in a place where Iggy can't just jump into, since it's stuck inside the floor, and he doesn't know where a door that could leave him there could be... how about you help him find a way through?

    Wow! I'm surprised I actually finished this level JUST the last day of my summer vactions, since tomorrow school starts again and it's gonna take out all my free time lol. Anyways, here it is, the final level of World 3. Hooray, after a lot of ghost house theme uses, I am finally gonna be able to use different themes in W4. For this level, I used a different design approach, using a sky background but ghost house tiling, making the level look like it's a balcony, or a patio, or a terrace, with a lot of doors and pipes and puzzles, like any ghost house in any Mario game. And for the bonus zone with the Bowser battle, I just used the desert theme as it should be used but with a Bowser fight, so nothing special for that. Of all the levels in W3, even though 3-3 is my favorite in gameplay, I think this one is the one that has the best design/scenery/visuals out of all of them.

    Clues to find the secret 1-up:
    "So long, kinga (?) Bowser!"

    I hope you like this level, and as always, feel free to give me your thoughts about it. Again, tomorrow (Monday, 9th of March of 2020), school is gonna start for me, so the next level might take a bit longer to get finished, so be patient for it. :)
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What Others are Saying

TicTimeless | 99/100

Actually really nice level! Though I don't know how to get past X:300.. Although really nice level, when I checked the editor.

03/12/20 at 3:17 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 96/100

If there's one thing I really liked about the level, it's the backtracking, and the ideas presented along with it. The only thing that felt a bit off with the design was the set of Bowser flames in the desert, and the level never really struck me as a Bowser-themed level so I couldn't take it seriously let alone as part of the story. Of all the themes in SMF1 you went for a Bowser fight in the desert and I mean if you're gonna do that at least make it in a more convincing setting you know what I mean? Of course I ain't saying everything has to be realistically portrayed but the execution was weird. If it were a volcano level I'd probably feel different about it.

03/09/20 at 10:07 AM

JetWing34 | 100/100

There are a lot of great challenges in the level. There are also a ton of amazing backtracking portions of the level, which makes me think to myself, "I wonder if my last ever SMF1 level would be like that?"

So anyways, I loved the extreme twists to the level, such as that star run as the prelude to the Bowser battle. You also did a wonderful job making this level as accurately tiled as possible. Not every SMF1 level designer, including myself, could compare the unique level design that looks like this level.

Overall, that was an amazing level! Hope to see more levels from you!


03/09/20 at 9:42 AM

Nuozzu4 | 100/100

Buenoooo, acá voy con mi review:

Mañana es 9 de marzo, no 11 jaja.

No voy a explayarme en este review esta vez. Me gustó en el diseño y las decoraciones, veo que rellenaste mas el fondo esta vez.

Los desafíos me gustaron, fueron de mi agrado, y ademas estuvieron entretenidos. No digo mucho mas, así que 100 y medio.

03/08/20 at 9:18 PM

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