• Description: It's a speedrun so erm, good luck with that. There are 5 screens in total which pretty much get harder along the way. As you enter each pipe you have around 10 seconds to view the next one screener, figure out a path and then complete it using a CP warp in around 10. I call it 10 view - 10 play. If you still can't figure it out here:

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What Others are Saying

Detective Jeremy YT | 99/100

Creative, difficult, great!

04/14/20 at 10:11 PM

qwertyquop | 97/100

Pretty fun level. I also like this idea of having these difficult one-screen challenges. Even though there were like five rooms, I think the difficulty really stretched playtime. Scenery was alright, I guess. Really nothing to say about it, since the level is based on the gameplay. Overall, fun.

03/18/20 at 2:22 PM

francy Y | 84/100

this cursed level XD (jk)

nice level and very competitive ;)

03/16/20 at 7:16 AM

darknesu | 98/100

This level was neat, not only is this level challenging but also aesthetic wise really good.
I wouldn't think I would ever say this to Yolo the guy who clutters all the scenery to the point, where you don't even know what to do.
While the level was kinda is trial and error, since you had just 11 seconds to beat one screen, but you made it fair, by giving us checkpoints for us to see what is coming on us.
It would have been better, if you added another timestamp to the "safe room", to give us more time to think, I mean you will eventually die, either way, so the time will return back to 11 seconds, no matter what.
Besides that I have nothing to say, except the slope are very glitchy, but that's not your fault

Take the 98/100

03/15/20 at 8:10 AM

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