• Description: When Mario left the Cold Castle, he walked all the way to the Green Jungle. He knows that there is a castle that Boom Boom will be in. Mario knows that there are certain enemies that live in certain areas. He won't find many Ninjis and Rocky Wrenches in places where there is no water. But he will find enemies that live in jungles. We'll see what Mario will find in the Green Jungle. Mario knows that Rexes like to live in places with not much sunlight.
    I hope you enjoy!
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What Others are Saying

Orangetack | 100/100

Wow, this was really something! Some creative challenges here. My favourite bits: Just before the checkpoint, you have to jump on a red paratroopa to get up, but the tricky part is you have to jump from the top part of the hill or Mario will not jump high enough to land on it. But because of the cramped space, you have to move right or left when jumping from the top of the hill. Another one I liked was the football chuck and one-way gates just after the checkpoint. The fire bro/one-way gate challenge is also super creative and hard because of the piranha plant. I found you had to jump over the first fireball in order to avoid getting hit by the higher one.

The visuals, needless to say, a work of art. Fantastic job on this.

05/01/20 at 4:52 PM

TaroGaming | 93/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/18/20 at 3:21 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 94/100

Great choice of scenery and fitting music to go along. Some of the challenges were hard, but doable. I didn't like where you put baseball chucks as those challenges were at odds with the level's difficulty curve, or enemy placements in excess or certain ones like some of the moles that either felt like blind challenges or just a bit more annoying on a general note. Overall a fairly enjoyable and challenging level just some of the enemy placements are often questionable. Also would advise against layering scenery over real platforms.

03/16/20 at 1:16 PM

IggyHopxD | 99/100

I like this level! The challenges were fun and hard, and the design was absolutely beautiful. Only thing I didn't like is how you hid the munchers under a slope near the beginning, since they were hard to see and hard not to confuse with the grass tiles. For the rest, this was an awesome forest level.

03/16/20 at 12:35 PM

Tomi444 | 98/100

Beautiful level and music is good too but i don't like these trap but it just that my mind.

03/16/20 at 9:20 AM

LuigiXD/_29 | 100/100

kakav sjajno izgrađen nivo! scenografija je bila privlačna za oči, a izazovi oko platforme bili su jako dobri, skrivene tajne su bile lijepe i jednostavno ne mogu dobiti kreativnu upotrebu pločica 2480, 2482, 2484 i 2486 koje se koriste za prizemlje! vrlo sjajan nivo tamo!

100/100 / A / zlato / teško

takođe sjajna muzika, je li to od Soul Bubbles?

03/16/20 at 8:12 AM

francy Y | 89/100

really really nice level!!!!!!!

it wasn't too hard :D

one of my favourite level ;)

i vote 89/100

03/16/20 at 7:04 AM

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