• Description: World 2-1
  • Contributors: SMH
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What Others are Saying

AllenCaspe9510 | 9/100

Its been a long time,
+You might be my first ever rate in 2020

[] Okay let's talk about this strange phenomenon. The entire level itself feels so flat, theres just no creativty using the enemies you have placed. Fix this by using more platforms. Make your level more lively and not empty. Avoid flat gameplay by placing more platforms to make it a real challenge. The Scenery or level design is also something to consider, try making everything good to see, like that boss room which is the only challenge I see.

-Flat Gameplay
-Spam of Enemies
-Lacks Scenery

Gameplay: 3/30
Layout: 2/20
Level Technique: 0/20
Level Style: 1/15
Level Design: 3/15
Compliments: -2
Total Score: 9 (Easy)

03/27/20 at 9:47 AM

JetWing34 | 55/100

This level could have been executed much better than what it is right now. It felt sort of short and the monsters that were placed in the level was mediocre. There has not been anything special to glorify about other than a little backtrack in the level including a green palace switch.

Maybe you should add some better challenges and not focus on 1-up generators from monster spam.

I'll give this level a 55.

03/19/20 at 12:42 PM

francy Y | 54/100

easy level , put something else because is short :(
but not bad ;) i know you can do better ;)
my vote is 54

03/18/20 at 12:04 PM

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