• Description: If you happen to be wondering. I hate this level. This is unimaginative, luckluster and not me at all. Blame Nitro. He's the one who asked if I was going to make a 'Traditional' level. So here's your average medium level- I hope you suffer playing it,

    Yours sincerely,

    If you're recording, use this:


    Though if you are recording, note that if you opt to enter the door then there is a small chance the level is impossible. The code above could only go so far with dealing with SMC's jankiness.


  • Contributors: Nitro for your pain
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Gamerclm678 | 95/100

Ok, the level wasn't necessarily traditional, in the sense of original Mario, and the level is crowded. It does look great and highly decorated. The level was fair but challenging but boiled down to going to one spot and then going back. still phenomenal, 95/100

03/18/20 at 8:08 PM

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