• Description: World 2-4
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Luigi_Awsome | 25/100

Very easy.
Yet confusing.
I was smart about going in the pipe.

-Luigi Awesome

03/28/20 at 9:06 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 30/100

That was one strange level

[] The first turned out to be sudden random, the tiles used were okay but lacks variety. And also a cut-off in the every edge. Theres another cut-off at 860x 360y. Try to build a wooden bridge in tileset page 2 then building this strange looking abomination. I liked how you hid the enemies in the water and meh, the gameplay feels really flat. Add some coins please. The dolphins become repetitive because they don't do anything or apply anything in terms of a challenge in gameplay. Theres also alot of lack of challenges because of the flat gameplay, oh well.
[] Very confused why you used SMB3 Castle blocks in a ghost house. Again, add some interaction for the player to go where he needs to go. This can work with coins or signs. You even have some lacky cut-offs at 3980x 360y. Perhaps layering issues.
[] The third section is very dull and bland. Empty randomly placed enemies and theres not really much to understand about the concept of the challenge but running against the autoscroll.

-Statements given -3
-No black scenery at the end

Gameplay: 9/30
Level Layout: 7/20
Level Technique: 6/20
Level Style: 6/15
Level Design: 6/15
Compliments: -4
Total Score: 30 (Easy)

03/27/20 at 10:06 PM

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