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What Others are Saying

Strongiron450 | 99/100

This level was fun and short. There was a floating bush at the end which needs to be fixed but other than that I don't have any problems (Although the music was overriding the sound effects) Good job!

03/26/20 at 2:05 PM

somegit | 79/100


03/26/20 at 1:29 PM

Nitrogamer | 90/100

Really good level! I love the floating dead bush lmao. Couldv'e been a bit longer. and was a nice traditional level. I think the red coins were a bit too forgiving considering it gives you a 3-up moon. Nice scenery and music

03/25/20 at 12:55 PM

LeftyDeviluke | 85/100

Great Level, Good Music, Decorated Background With Many Props, And Relaxing Gameplay. But I Saw Some Mistakes, Like, In The First Part ,The Mystery Block That Had a Super Mushroom Was Very Bad Positioned, I Had To Jump 3 Times To Hit And Get The Mushroom. Also In The First Part, That Red Koppa Troopa's Brick Platform Was So Claustrophobic, It Was Terrible Tu Jump There, The Ceiling Was Very Small, I Had Luck By Not Loosing The Mushroom. Other Problem I Noticed, The Enemies Were a Bit Random, We Had Koopas, Ninjis, Goombrats, Hammer Bros. and Others. In My Opinion, Enemies Like Hammer Bros. Match More With Castle or Fortress Levels, And Buzzy Beetles, More With Underground Levels.

Other Than That, It Was a Great Level!

03/25/20 at 12:19 PM

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