• Description: This is a semi-Kaizo Level with super percise platforming >:)
    After all it's a short level, but very challanging.

    If you get stuck, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5P4BcDGh0M

    play here: https://luigibonus.com/files/games/smcbeta/

    I actualy beat this level first try when i completely finnished without losing a life. so it isn't hard if you know all the new kaizo tech with the blue shell >:)
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What Others are Saying

wilserkormak | 90/100

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03/28/20 at 10:34 PM

andresluigi | 90/100

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03/27/20 at 4:01 PM

yolo | 94/100

Yh so it was enjoyable with quite original challenges. there were a few issues:

- There was no clear method of getting onto the ropes without being hit back, but that appears to be on LB so I won't include it in the rate
- There was no real purpose of the bricks next to the note block. The amount of boredom I experienced hitting those bloody brick blocks trying to get back to what was already a tricky jump (which isn't bad ofc) was just unnerving. They didn't even act as a brake because mario can hit the side of the note block anyway
- Considering that you couldn't see that last coin ? block, it was rather unfair the amount of time you had to prepare for it (i.e the movement of the shell towards it).

03/27/20 at 9:15 AM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

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03/26/20 at 7:02 PM

Build | 100/100

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03/26/20 at 4:55 PM

qwertyquop | 96/100

Really fun level. It was pretty difficult, but got easier with a little bit of playing. I do have a small problem with x82, I think that it's a bit tough to get the timing, at least for me. I always hit that small tile next to the slope which knocked me into the death block, which got annoying. That's all I have for the gameplay. The scenery looked really nice, and I especially liked the new tiles you used at the beginning, which looked really nice. It kind of sucks that you stopped using it and used the beach tiles instead, but that's a personal preference. I did see some small cutoffs, but they weren't anything too bad. Overall, really cool level.

03/25/20 at 4:58 PM

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