• Description: Super Iggy Bros. - World 4-Secret: Double Cross over the Water Body

    NOTE: I am aware of the fact that it is indeed possible to farm the 1-up mushroom infinite times if you get hit by the koopa and land perfectly each time you do the whole level and go back. But really, I didn't fix it, because:
    1. I didn't know what would be a good way to fix it without altering the whole area or even the whole level.
    2. It is really hard to get hit by the koopa and land there, so it's basically a very hard grind.
    3. What's the point of doing that anyways, you anyways would have to restart the whole level because of losing the mushroom if you do it, and plus it's a pretty long level so it's not worth it.

    This level is only playable if you found the secret exit in 4-Fortress, so if you haven't gotten it yet, go get it! Then you'll be able to play this.

    This level is a level where you have to do the whole path twice to beat for reals. Because the level is a remix of 3-A from NSMBDS, I chose the same theme, but mixed with desertic tilesets of course. I went for simple platforming challenges so that the level doesn't feel too weird, but it's still decent.

    Clues to find the secret 1-up:
    "Only if you came here while being small you will be able to get this. If you missed it, I'm sorry, but you're not getting ANYTHING."

    So I hope you enjoy this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion. Also, I've made an announcement on my profile about what's gonna happen with the series considering SMF will no longer be on LP in about one month, and what will happen with the SIB series on YT. So if you want to know about it, feel free to go there and read!
  • Contributors: San Silencio
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What Others are Saying

francy Y | 100/100

nice level!

great job buddy ;)

04/07/20 at 4:24 PM

Softendo | 100/100


Honestly this is the one of the most beautiful SMF1 levels i've ever seen, the tiling and scenery combination is just spot-on and with the background it just makes it fantastic.
The challenges were as original as you can get, but what i loved the most was the way that you need to beat the level, where you need to get a mushroom in the bonus zone to beat it, with the exception that it takes you back all the way to the BEGINNING of the level so you have to beat the entire level with Big Mario while not taking a single hit, honestly that was just awesome.
Phew, that's all i could say about it, i had to do it because it just impressed me.

04/05/20 at 7:43 PM

StarTigerrr | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/05/20 at 3:15 PM

Nuozzu4 | 100/100

Me hizo recordar a Dehesa 2, por razones obvias, claramente. Encima con la misma musiquita. Genial, me gustó. Buena decoración, diseño y obstáculos.

04/05/20 at 2:45 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/05/20 at 1:11 PM

Seven | 90/100

It's nice to play a level from you after quite a long time! I see that you went with the classic approach on this one, with fun and fluid gameplay, though some of it got a bit repetitive. The level is pretty nicely decorated as well, it's not overdone and is actually quite pleasant to the eye.
I liked the backtrack in order to get the mushroom but what set me off was that warp pipe at the end of the bonus zone taking you all the way back to the beginning... not that the level was aggravating to beat, it just felt annoying having to go through everything again. You could place this warp a little bit further at least.
Overall, a fun light mooded level that anyone can play. Nice job!

04/05/20 at 12:32 PM

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