• Description: WARNING: I somehow swapped the code and permanently deleted the more polished level code. So report any errors to me or in a review. I'll have to rework some sections.

    4/24/2020 Update
    -Added more checkpoints and 1 ups.
    -Fixed a few tiling errors and cutoffs.
    -Changed the boss theme.
    -Added more coins, and some scenery.

    This is King Porcupuffer's Palace. He and his minions run a power plant within. Your mission is to defeat all of the guards within and the Bowser Statue at the end.

    I made this level in an attempt to completely shatter the idea that "Water Levels are always bad". I hope this level can prove that. This may very well be my last level in Mario Flash, so let this be a tribute of sorts.

    I've completely redone this description because I found the last one rather lacking...

    I will make edits based on the suggestions below.
  • Contributors: qwertyquop: Made me aware of a problematic code swap and some other issues. Thanks for your help!
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What Others are Saying

Orangetack | 100/100

This is easily one of the best SMF levels I've ever played. Easily. Most levels of this ridiculous size get boring because they run out of new ideas. But this one? It just doesn't let up. It keeps on going and going. Every time I think I'm at the end it throws up a new section, each one feeling more inventive than the one before. Most levels of this size I wouldn't bother to play all the way through, so to keep my interest throughout the entire level is quite an achievement. And to top that all off with the fact that each part of the level follows naturally from the one before in a thematic sense, creating a sense that this is one story, definitely helps to make this feel like one ginormous level rather than a set of smaller levels. The anticlimax after all the suspenseful music leading to the boss fight was funny, though.

There are too many amazing sections for me to list which parts I liked the most. The generator, which its orange death pipes and innovative jumps, was a definite highlight though. But then, the rest of the level was full of innovative challenges too. In fact, it's incredible that this late in SMF2's lifespan you were able to hold my attention with this number of innovative ideas that I hadn't seen before. I had thought that everything that was possible to do with SMF2 had been exhausted by this point.

Any flaws? The boss fight could have been a bit longer, though that's just personal preference. There definitely could have been more checkpoints, and I won't rate down for that because I personally didn't find it that much of an issue but adding more checkpoints would increase the amount of people who bother to play more than a few minutes of the level. And more lives. For something this long, 5 lives ensures most people will see a game over screen before they see most of the level.

The errors are missing scenery tiles in corners. eg. in map 8. Also i didn't know how to deal with the chuck at map 9 x0y0 so I duckjumped on him without hitting the death block. Not an error but either weird design or just me being dumb.

This will be one of the the last great SMF2 levels ever made. The fact that it passed by without much interest from users is partly down to its huge size, but mostly down to the fact that it's an SMF2 level at a time when more people are interested in playing new SMC levels. Nevertheless, it's a masterpiece that I'll definitely be playing again in the future. I don't give out 100s lightly, but it was easy to give one here.

04/19/20 at 7:07 AM

Nuozzu4 | 98/100

Wow the scenery and desing here is awesome, also i liked the music. Very interesting the challenges. This level was really cool and amazing for me but i think you could use more scenery at map 6. Whatever, great level.

04/01/20 at 3:08 PM

qwertyquop | 94/100

Really good level. I enjoyed playing through this. The gameplay was really fun throughout, and it had really unique challenges that also related to the environment, like avoiding the "electrical" yellow pipes. I really liked each section of this level, and how it felt like you were traversing through this palace. For example, going through the palace surface or the palace generator. The scenery was also pretty good, but I felt like it got a bit more empty later in the level. Even though I praised this level a lot, it still has its flaws. There were quite a bit of cutoffs, although they were usually not putting scenery behind corner tiles and stuff. The porcupuffer bossfight was also a bit too slow, at least for me. I used the fast autoscroll in place of the slow autoscroll and it did play better in my opinion. Some other minor things, like how the enemies come in too suddenly in the vertical sections. Overall, even though it is technically unfinished, this is definitely one of my favorite levels. :)

04/01/20 at 1:12 PM

francy Y | 100/100

i like this level , the challenges and the scenery are perfect !:)


04/01/20 at 6:26 AM

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