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YouKH | 52/100

Didn't die at all it was very ez and boring

06/01/20 at 4:59 PM

Triplebarrel | 8/100

The gameplay in this level, even if some of the jumps were a bit precise, was a breeze to get through. It took me only around 60 seconds to complete this level, which is pretty short for a normal level in my opinion. Most of the enemies were placed in cramped spaces and the variety was very little.

The design in this level wasn't pleasing to look at. It just looks like another generic grassy level to me. Most of the structures are just rectangles and nothing else and there's very little space filled up apart from the rectangular structures. Along with next to no variety in terms of design and it was just, ugh...

The scenery in this level was subpar, and there's very little of it. Nearly no space has been filled by the scenery and it just feels unnoticeable at best.


The gameplay was pretty fast to get through and there was very little enemy variety. Design was nearly nonexistent. Same thing goes with scenery. No originality at all.
8/100 and an Easy difficulty rating.

05/23/20 at 7:00 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr | 40/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/23/20 at 1:41 PM

Mesopotamia | 43/100

This is a pretty bad level overall, but still decently playable.

The level is often a one-try speed run, meaning all I had to do was to Hold Right and Jump occasionally and I make it all the way to the end, maybe with taking a forced hit in an area with some chucks (at X:3900) that's after the checkpoint, but that's about it. I see you're trying to make a decent World 1-type level, but most of the enemies in the level do not even get a chance to cause any real trouble as long as you're speeding through. Good World 1 level, but the gameplay is poorly executed.

I had some fun exploring the bonus areas of the level involving wraps vines, though.

Now let's look at the visuals/aesthetics. The level, for the most part, felt very barebones and empty, and there are some visual cut-offs in certain parts of the level, where you could've been less lazy and use Layer 2 to fix these cut-offs considering the cave section of the level had no cut-offs due to Layer 2. Lastly, the cave section in the level had inappropriate music, recommend using Music Changer 4 to change to cave music.


05/23/20 at 3:52 AM

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