• Description: Video- https://youtu.be/DdwwlhdGh8U
  • Contributors: tested by darknesu
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Q22 | 99/100

cool challenge with rabbit powerup,especially at Y194 and Y103

at second checkpoint there's a bit confusing where to go,
which might cause death on deathblock placed at y93

and not really necessary carrot goomba placed at y170
(though it may be an early introduce to challenge at y215, so not a cons anyway)

the challenge at Y194,
where Mario has to hit on-off switch second time,while avoid blue cannon
is the hardest in the level imo, die for about 10 times
(and boss fight too,though both aren't that hard after finding its regularity)

build deadly level with relaxing music is god choice too

overall, great done level with fresh deathblocks/spring bounce idea,
scenery and tile also nice
usually a carrot or celery level get an auto 1, but with points given on top, some extra scores would be fair

09/11/20 at 4:27 AM

Mario00000000 | 97/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/10/20 at 7:25 PM

Indyindeed | 94/100

Well, I guess I should write some reviews if I want to gather some EXP.

This course does a lot with a little and I have to say, for what it sets out to do, it recognizes its job and does it pretty well. The scenery on display looks gorgeous, not to mention the sunset background working in tandem with the calming theme of the Lake Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey.

All that being said, I'm inclined to agree with the criticisms posted by others here; the sudden difficulty spike after the second checkpoint seems like it could have been handled better, and some parts in the middle felt lacking in direction. In particular, the first spike ball rolling near the ON/OFF block felt like a chore to figure out how to dodge, as the cannonballs just never seemed to line up, which resulted in some rather awkward maneuvers across the cannonballs and a little uncertainty on when to make my move for the switch.

Perhaps the biggest criticism I had was the large amounts of slowdown. This could be just a problem with my computer, or perhaps a flaw in SMC itself (it might be the fact that the level is so tall?), but the course loads and runs at a highly slow speed, which made replaying challenges when I failed feel quite a bit more repetitive than it probably would have without the slowdown. A possible fix for this issue would have been to break the course up into several maps separated by pipes or doors.

In fact, that would also help to fix another criticism I had with the level - sometimes, the cannonballs travelling downwards would seem to get in the way of completing the challenges that came right after. The section with the introduction of the yellow springs, for example, I would often get two or even three cannonballs in the way of climbing the springs. A carrot generator is nicely placed here, which makes me think that this was known about, but the fact that the cannonballs did not continue to shoot leads me to believe it was not intended to be part of the challenge.

At best, though, that may be a rather minor nitpick. Everything except for that one spike ball in the middle section felt pretty solid. Overall, this was a polished, well-thought-out course with beautiful aesthetic choices and an awesome Odyssey tune, but the middle sections had some flaws that prevent me from giving out a perfect 100 - not to mention how slow the course was to play (at least on my end). I'll give the benefit of the doubt and ignore the lag, though, dishing out a solid 94/100.

08/09/20 at 1:38 PM

Vencedor | 99/100

Very good level. good idea to use the scen warp.

08/09/20 at 6:30 AM

priyaasthana | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/09/20 at 6:07 AM

super shadow1 | 100/100

I have no words :)

08/09/20 at 5:01 AM

Adyj | 96/100

Very good. The peaceful music matched the visuals very well. You had a nice sunset background, which was visible in all of the right places, since you had scenery, but nothing overpowered. Only nitpick I have is the way some of the death blocks are placed, since you sometimes place death blocks diagonally from each other, and then have a connecting death block like a corner other times, which seemed a tad inconsistent. Otherwise, nicely done.

Nice start, letting me know that it's a screenwrap lvl. Good rabbit check using the On/Off, though I would've liked a more visible indicator that the switch needed to be hit. After that you had a very nice intro to the level, using the rabbit suit to gently float down the level, starting with a very short float, then slowly adding more, and even tacking on a cannon towards the end, and having many "rest points" because it's the beginning of the level, allowing for a better learning curve.

CP! Again, would've liked a more visible reason to hit the On/Off. Now for the screenwrap to play a big part of the level. I would've liked the goombrat to be a ninji, since floating down onto the goombrat made me a bit impatient, and dropping on it risks not getting a high jump, while the ninji can jump into Mario's feet. Then a nice thwomp navigation to finish it off.

CP! The spike setup here I didn't do cuz, since I died at CP. On/Off here is better. Passing the sideways thwomp is another float section using cannons to get to higher altitude, good idea. Then a red coin challenge slipping past more spikes, with good platform placement to snag that 3up. It's possible tho, to just take damage and fall to the next CP.

Now for a bit tighter section dodging cannons, I like. The sideways springs weren't my favorite, tbh. Have a wall the springs bounce Mario into so he can ascend quicker and not have to recover lost momentum. 2nd one had a bullet to bounce off of, making this less meh.

CP! Liked the springs for the goombrat, bouncing it into Mario's feet. The navigation here was the usual, tho didn't seem repetitive at all.

CP! The boss was creative, having to dodge the spikes while bouncing on Boom Boom. His timer from getting hit to getting back up lined up very well with Mario's floating. Very good finish to the level, and very good CP placement. I've picked on quite a few things, but all in all, good level, so you'll get a good grade.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 96/100

08/08/20 at 11:59 PM

Drostalun | 98/100

That was incredibly fun and adequately difficult, when I died it didnt feel like it was the levels fault. It definitely felt like mine; particularly the spike ball challenge, though i do have a bit of a gripe because i feel like it took a bit of time to learn, but i dont think that was particularly your fault. Ut was just a difficult challenge that needed to be figured out, and even though i died quite a few times, once you get it down it's quite good. What i will say though is the player needs more room to jump, because i beat it several times and bumped my head on the ceiling more than once, besides this, incredible ending with the boss. It felt like there were a few breather sections but even those were a little difficult, it felt just right for a difficult level, very incrementally difficult sections followed by slightly easier ones and checkpoints. Beautiful checkpoint placement by the way, if there had been a couple missing im not sure i would've quite enjoyed it as much, though im sure others would have.

All in all, i rate this an extremely good 98, incredibly fun level and great pacing overall, good job!

08/08/20 at 9:39 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

When you put together one simple idea and expand on that idea with more ideas, you can expect something like this. From varied cannons to sideways springboards which you seemingly love, to thwomps and even spikeballs, it's quite impressive how the level manages to utilize the carrot powerup in virtually every way imaginable, and while similar ideas were reintroduced, well you can't say it wears out its welcome. Contrary to below, I for one didn't notice much of a difficulty spike early on; it wasn't until the cannons in the second half that I started feeling it, and even then it's really not that far off once you have it down to a science. Not to mention the 99 lives and checkpoints were more than enough to help you through. The scenery's pleasant, if not a bit inconsistent in places. That's enough carrots for today.

08/08/20 at 4:50 PM

creator | 99/100

now this is a great level. Creative gameplay, great implementation of such a new powerup and hard, but fair. I like how forgiving this level was with checkpoints and 99 lives, despite the borderline kaizo challenges. (even though it's not medium as you advertised, screw you -100/100)

Really, there is but only one nitpick I have. And for that, I have to do something I have never done in my life: agree with Yolo. I do think that the parts at around the first and second checkpoint were a little bit too hard compared to the beginning, what had a nice steady difficulty progression. That's the only thing to point out, tho. I'll be the most annoying guy ever and give this level a 99/100. Keep on making those levels!


08/08/20 at 3:39 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/08/20 at 2:12 PM

yolo | 97/100

Well this was an interesting level (I thought you didn't have enough time to make a level). I really did find the level fun. Your scenery is a bit weird though. The corner tiles looked weird; just use slopes, and the death block clusterhecc in the boss fight was just awful. Anyway, the earlier parts of the level seamlessly increased in difficulty, but the bits after the first or second CP seemed to take a huge leap in difficulty in comparison with the rest of the level. I also found the spikeballs on glass, though varied minutely at some points, rather repetitive.

Interesting point; you can crouch jump/slide to reduce your slide. It's not an issue in the level mind you, I was just curious if you recognised the tactic (in your vid alternating springs mean that you can slot through them so I suspect that's why you changed them. Anyway, I've opted to favourite this.

08/08/20 at 1:58 PM

brogameryt | 100/100

hard but good. the first part was E Z but the last ones were pretty harsh.

08/08/20 at 12:28 PM

Mesopotamia | 98/100

Really nice to see a legit SMC level from you OT, and damn, to be honest, I didn't expect it. A pretty cool Kaizo-like level involving the use of the carrot powerup to slowly descend downwards towards the bottom of the level. I felt that the level was a little directionless at times in the middle of the level, but that's not a big deal.

Okay I take back what I said earlier about the beginning, watched the video :P

08/08/20 at 10:46 AM

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