• Description: This is my actually my 4th level i published, my 3rd is called "Game Over..?" this is going to be my final practise or random level.
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What Others are Saying

Peashooter | 40/100

Intro: this was a pretty bad level

[Gameplay, Challenges, enemies, and fittings]

The gameplay is boring and you pretty much spammed enemies at X80.

[Level Design]

At least your level has some scenery compare to your 2 previous levels, but the level design is still flat.


The level was fair

Points removed

-45 boring gameplay
-5 enemy spam
-10 flat design

What you got

40/100 and easy difficulty

How was the level for me?


02/26/21 at 2:34 PM

StickGuyHair | 72/100

Enemy spam!

04/29/20 at 9:48 PM

Vexilon | 65/100

Decent level, but there are some noticeable flaws. My first gripe is at map 1 x78 y0, where there is not very much variation in terms of the gameplay for about a screen or so, and enemies are just placed about randomly onto a flat pipe. There's no specific point to each enemy present, and so it just feels a little rushed. The rest of the map is okay, however felt aesthetically bland, and so I would advise you to add more scenery to the empty parts of the levels you make, so as to make it seem more vibrant and populated. That also applies to map 2, where for the most part, the gameplay was fine, however other than the background, there's not much in the way of design.

The long koopa jump mechanic at map 2 x19 y85 is used twice, once right after the first, which seemed like a tactic to try and easily fill up the screens without crafting an interesting challenge. I would also advise you not to do this, and instead try to be creative with what challenges you decide to include in each screen. Now the area at map 1 x100 is very spammy, and, as stated before, feels like you just placed enemies wherever you pleased in an attempt to fill up a few screens. This part's pacing was not very good, and I have to say, was my least favorite part of the level. There also seems to be bricks and ? blocks placed all over for no apparent reason as well, with tons of mushrooms, coins, and ice flowers. This is bad level design, as you don't want to give the player tons of unnecessary stuff they won't even need to use. After this were a few more bland screens with not much in the way of creative gameplay, and my earlier points apply here as well.

My suggestions are to prioritize your challenges more, and think about how each screen will challenge the player differently, and in a creative new way that they've never seen before. Also, provide interesting visuals so that the level is also nice to look at, and really sells you into the overall atmosphere.

04/25/20 at 4:45 PM

Plume 4.0 | 83/100

This level was easy with some flaws, let's review!

-----The Pros
I like the challenges in this level
No cutoffs
I like some parts of the levels challenges but, some parts of the level need more challenges. (-5)
The enemy placement was decent.
-------The Cons
At the beginning of the level there's a grass title floating around (-5)
Monster overload at Map 1 X:80 and Maps X:100 Y:82 (-5)
Unused Space (-5)
-----The Review
In total this was a solid level with some flaws. I like the challenges at some places (Map 2 X:43 Y:85).
Level: 80/100
Score: Good
Ranking: B

04/25/20 at 12:47 PM

Shutterclick | 86/100

It's pretty nice! The layout is pretty weird tho, the start was kinda a loop, and the design was good too. Nothing really bad here. :)

Edit: Whoops, I just realized I made it 86 instead of 90. I'm blind.

04/25/20 at 7:46 AM

Tempest Voltage | 100/100

This level was extremely fun to traverse around! I didn't really see any flaws, and I like the theme. Awesome level.

04/25/20 at 1:43 AM

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