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What Others are Saying

tkahun | 25/100

el nivel es muy llano con poca creatividad porque bueno razones obias además hay un tubo que no me hace nada pero esta feo su decoración fue terrible. eso seria todo........

06/29/20 at 9:17 PM

Vencedor | 61/100

i like it but, it was short and too easy

06/29/20 at 11:43 AM

JetWing34 | 15/100

This level is not pretty at all costs, and showing proof why this level is bad are the cutoffs. It was an extremely short level and the scenery was lazily placed. I also did not like the layout of the level due to the fact that it's boring and all you perform is simply by holding down the right arrow key.

Much better obstacles would have improved your level there, but this level is nowhere close to special.

My rate is 15 out of 100.

06/29/20 at 8:35 AM

XV 15 | 20/100

It's just a simple easy and short level! It is not creative and ingenious at all! There are no difficulties in level. I have no idea why you gave as much time as the level you can just run the whole level :/ Scenery and gameplay are boring. Try to do better the next time because you definitely can!

to improve:

more opponents and challenges.

06/29/20 at 7:53 AM

priyaasthana | 57/100

A decent n okay level but it was too short.
And also some tiles were not proper.
Keep making! ^^

06/29/20 at 5:36 AM

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