• Description: The final ever SMF level I made on LP, there also some advance coins, there are 5 of them, get them all you want, they're not hard to get, i just put them there for fun. Also at the end of the level, there is a flat part and you can sneak peak through the boss room, the reason why that's there because, I didn't had enough space and i didn't think about the boss room, so I tried to cover that up by making it look like an airship, so please ignore that. Also check out my previous levels.

    Before The End Of SMF 1/3: https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=20956

    Before The End Of SMF 2/3: https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=20958

    If you cannot beat the level, here's a gameplay video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExV4GX8EKEc&t=9s
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What Others are Saying

Arthur8Deluxe | 71/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/20/20 at 10:57 AM

StarTigerrr | 75/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/18/20 at 3:31 PM

wolf870 | 72/100

I would say add a little more scenery, and its also kind of generic. Gameplay is a bit bland, and unfair at times. Can get a bit boring, but still good. some small details were really nice.

05/18/20 at 2:32 PM

francy Y | 93/100

very nice level, generic smb3 airship, even the boss was nice, the challenges were quite simple, aesthetically I would say we are in sufficiency , good

05/18/20 at 1:50 PM

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