• Description: Old project I've lost motivation to finish properly and no longer have ideas for, so here it is. I don't really care what you all rate (though I'd prefer at least 60) I just wan't it out of my system, so I can start fresh. Anyways, the title said to read the description, so read the below.

    Warning: This is a troll level. If you don't like troll levels or don't think they can be good at all, don't play and don't rate (I'm talking to you Filip, since you've told me all troll levels are bad). For the rest of you, there's some info you may need to know:

    1) Despite this being a troll level, these text boxes will always tell the truth. I don't outright lie with my text boxes, though obviously this is a troll level, so I'm not just gonna tell you everything.
    2) Unlike my other levels, you are allowed and even required sometimes to use an item you have in reserve (top center of the screen). This usually happens in places where two powerups are placed.
    3) This is possible (goes without saying). Ask me if you're stuck. Don't just rate 1/100. It may take a day or two if I'm busy, but I will respond.
    4) Unfortunately, some glitches like sliding on horizontal ground, have been patched. If you run through an area without a troll, it's likely I removed it.
    5) Contraptions are made and tested on May 2020. If for some reason you're playing this in 2021 or 2022, know that some things may not be the same.
    6) Exactly one of these statements is false. Which one though?

    Anyways, that'll be it. Below is the link to a walkthrough of this level. It may help when in a confusing spot, and would be good to watch after you've completed the level:
  • Contributors: The trolley problem is an old ethical dilemma, where a trolley is about to kill 5 people, but you can redirect the trolley to kill only 1. Most would do that. However, if they could instead stop the train by pushing a larger person in front of the train instead of redirecting it, they wouldn't. Would you? Also consider another scenario. Would you kill a healthy person in a hospital to save 5 dying people by harvesting the healthy person's organs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg16u_bzjPE
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What Others are Saying

enn123 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/05/21 at 6:12 AM

3mmyco0l9 | 100/100

Nice level! It was very funny lol. But the walkthrough video helped a lot. I would like to see another troll level. Like maybe a part 2 of this level?

12/09/20 at 1:00 PM

Tony | 80/100

This is a very good level but it's practically a troll one!

07/14/20 at 12:31 PM

SANTIXU | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/06/20 at 3:21 PM

dude647 | 100/100

really trolly fun and harsh

06/03/20 at 11:23 AM

Jirachi | 100/100

--Review Of ADYJ's Ethical Trolly Problem--

--General stuff--
1. Good Difficulty
2. Its a Troll Level
3. Descreption fits

--General Game-Play--
1. Great 1-Up trick to not get an Game-Over
2. Great hidden poison Mushroom at start
3. Great Hidden Muncher falling from above
4. Not that good Ice Floor going to a Death-Block
5. Hidden Mushroom close to the first door
6. Good hidden Blind mole at check-point
7. Cheep hidden block after check-point
8. Great hidden "kill shell" tricks
9. Funny "Try going down pipe but you slide" trick*
* Almost died by it
10. After 2nd check-point (Funny Ninjis coming down like ninjas)
11. part just after Ninjis (Cheep Hidden-Block)
12. Z Symbol Part (Funny Koopa-Troopas coming [more flying] from below)
13. After Z symbol part (Great Hidden Big Thwomp)
14. Nice Copied Room (Start room was copied)
15. Good Fake solid wall (the "THANK YOU FOR... part)
16. had fun even tho I died a lot

--Points for general level--
100% - 00% (no bad things)

--Review Text--
This was a great & fun Troll level, never thought there was this much of
cool stuff in here.
I was expecting a normal troll level with hidden-blocks, pick-a-path,
Just the troll you would see in a bad SMM Troll level.
Everything about this level was good, I had fun by my deaths some where
just dumb mistakes I made.
It was just super fun, If I made this level I would place a Custom song
but using themed ones is fine I guess.
.TXT file of this review → https://tinyurl.com/Revew-Of-ADYJs-Ethical-Trolly

06/03/20 at 10:12 AM

IlyasElgourcifi | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/03/20 at 8:58 AM

YouKH | 100/100

Why don't you do the same thing with my levels if you h8 them don't rate since you played my levels you didn't even encourage me There is another level will be created today or tomorrow you should like it this time I followed your advice -_-

06/02/20 at 11:59 PM

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