• Description: The whole first world of Super Mario Bros 1 has an update! this time there are some decorations and the final boss is a little more harder (the castle doesn't have the original OST)
    Answering comments:
    Q: Why did you put colored tiles in 1-2?
    A: 'cause i thought that only green pipes would be boring and the red pipe indicates that it will take you to 1-4
    Q:Why did you put bullet bills in 1-4
    A: because in the original 1-4 Bowser throws fire, but in Super Mario Construct there's no fire like Bowser throws, so i decided to put bullet bills
    Q: Why did't you put the original soundtrack?
    A: Because i don't got Dropbox, so i only got to use the Super Mario World soundtrack
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What Others are Saying

Christopher | 25/100

Do not try to remake the levels.

06/26/20 at 7:46 AM

Burnt_Cheeseballs | 38/100

Many *very* minor inaccuracies (mostly in 1-2) like pipe color, power-up types, or the fireballs leading up to the boss in 1-4 are bullet-bills for some reason, and stuff like that.

05/20/20 at 7:46 PM

4803821757 | 40/100

sorry man but to hard

05/20/20 at 3:30 PM

Orangetack | 10/100

Remaking an SMB game is one of the most boring things that can be done. Furthermore, it's basically copying, since there's nothing to separate this level from any of the other many remakes that are on this site, other than the fact that it's made in SMC.

05/20/20 at 3:29 PM

wilserkormak | 70/100

Was a nice remake; but would be better with the SMB ost, only the original power ups and some decoration to not be so empty

05/20/20 at 2:56 PM

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