• Description: its icy
  • Contributors: sooo icy
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Smuglutena | 14/100

"Hard" 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey hey, looks like you learned from the whole cutoff thing! Not so much from the difficulty thing, sooo let's get into it.

The Aesthetics

As I said, at least there's no cutoff. As for everything else, boring. Very very boring. Just a flat floor, no variation, no scenery, nothing. There's not even a ceiling. Yeah no, this is just a very empty, boring looking castle you've got goin' on here. Spice things up with a few bits of scenery here and there, maybe varied terrain as well. Anything to break up the boringness of this castle.

The Gameplay

About as empty as the level's theme itself. Just poison mushroom spam, some buster beetles, some grinders, some thwomps, and a whole lot of uncreativity. Oh right, there's a goomba and a goombrat too! Woah! Sarcasm aside, calling this level "hard" is a major understatement. It's just a flat stretch with a few enemies there. Super boring, and not hard at all. And even without the penguin suit, this level was a breeze to go through

In response to your cute lil (now deleted) comment on my profile, I don't hold back punches when it comes to my reviews. I want to see people improve on their levels. I know that anyone is capable of making a great level, but I can't just sugarcoat a review, rate it 100/100, and call it a day. I typically play levels over a few times to get a full feel of the entirety of it, then come up with a review that's usually over 1000 characters. Ranting aside, I want to see you improve from this. This level was bad, it was boring, and it seriously could've been so much better. Again, take a look at some gold rated levels, and learn what makes them fun and interesting. I wanna see you improve man, take note of the reviews and strive to improve.

06/01/20 at 9:35 PM

dominic | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/23/20 at 10:25 AM

bryanjackson | 35/100

not a very good level unfortunately. For starters, there was very little challenge, pretty much all jumping over enemies until the very end, where there were some Thwomps, which made things a little more difficult, but still easy. Mix up the challenges a little more next time, consider using more different types of enemies (you did have an okay enemy variety but it could have been better) and more holes for the player to jump over, etc., to make the level more challenging and fun to play. There was no scenery. Its a castle level so I won't deduct a bunch for that, but still next time add some scenery. This will make the level look better visually. But the biggest problem I saw was the Boom Boom fight. First of all it was very easy, especially if you had the penguin still, because you can freeze Boom Boom and throw him and he will take damage. Second, the trapped Toad was placed low enough that you could simply run and break the brick, talk to him and get the green orb before defeating Boom Boom. Next time, have Toad higher up so you have to get the P switch that Boom Boom awards you when you defeat him to turn the bricks into coins, freeing the Toad. And maybe also have some other enemies in the room with Boom Boom, such as cannons/bullet bills launchers, or maybe some volcano lotus's, hammer bros, or baseball chucks that are hard or impossible to get to. Sorry if this sounded harsh. 35/100 is your final score, with an easy difficulty rating.

05/22/20 at 3:43 PM

MarvoDust | 30/100

...not really hard. Please add more scenery and add more platform variety.

05/21/20 at 6:45 PM

Kornel_Mario | 20/100

Ten poziom był za krótki,był za łatwy,I nudny.Następnym razem zrób lepszy poziom.Mi ten poziom się niepodobał.

05/21/20 at 2:35 PM

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