• Description: is AYT Adventure VS CoronaVirus 1-3 Snow Attack

    Level Difficulty: Medium

    Contributors: No Contributors in Level Only AYT
  • Contributors: No Contributors in Level Only AYT
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What Others are Saying

YouKH | 100/100

Lovely level I enjoyed the game play and the design is very nice

06/04/20 at 8:18 PM

JetWing34 | 90/100

It's an exceptional level with some snow-covered mushroom tiles and nice scenery. This reminds me of playing a true Super Mario Bros 3 level, and it sure brings to the memory of when fire flower power can melt ice blocks for coins. That's considerable essentials!

What I don't like about the level are some of the monsters being added in one screen of the level. I'd personally place one to two monsters inside a screen, but more than that is a little too much.

The airship at x1900 needs to be tiled correctly. Alternate Tiles 280 and 285 for better results on plywood.

Other than the airship tile problems and some monsters overbearing the level, you did an excellent job!

90, Medium

05/25/20 at 9:31 AM

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