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What Others are Saying

Orangetack | 90/100

I think this is the best level in the series so far. Everything gels together really nicely and it has the perfect difficulty curve. The falling spike jumps to start it off were well set up, and the big mole ride was fast-paced without being unfair. The parachute parkour got me a few times but again perfectly fair. And I really love the use of spin jump in the second half, even though the gold coin above the pokey misled me to make a normal jump the first time. The repeated on/off block jumps were a fantastic way to the end the level. I didn't go for any of the moons because the difficulty of the main level was enough for me, but I appreciate their inclusion and they were well placed.

I like the visual theme of desert bricks, although some 'windows' or sections where the bricks disappear to reveal the background would add some visual variety.

Fantastic level overall.

05/23/20 at 7:28 AM

dominic | 100/100

i love the challenges

05/22/20 at 8:36 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr | 100/100

I like the challenges

05/22/20 at 7:16 PM

Arthur8Deluxe | 100/100

and very complicated and full of challenges
I liked it deserves 100 and very complicated and full of challenges
I liked it deserves 100
I didn't find any error

05/22/20 at 2:34 PM

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