• Description: So this was supossed to be a ´´Troll level´´, but it didn't look to well, so i think you shouldn't play it, i'm warning ya
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dominic | 100/100

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05/24/20 at 2:29 PM

jjjgyg1 | 5/100

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05/24/20 at 9:45 AM

bryanjackson | 5/100

I have to agree with Adyj, not a good level. First you have a slight overload of stacked goombas at the beginning, which are almost pointless and easy to avoid. The downward shooting giant Bullet Bill at the beginning was pointless and avoidable too, and the hidden death blocks were an unfair and terrible troll. And there's no scenery. there are 2 basically death warps at the section with the 3 doors where you have to pick the correct door. Here you must choose the "correct" door; if you don't, you get sent to a room where you have no choice but get killed by the chomping evil mushrooms which come from the hidden blocks above (I have no clue what those mushrooms are called as I am not very familiar with SMC, yet). The "correct" door takes you to the final area where you are running/walking on bricks, right at the end there is a P switch with a Thwomp right above, and the Thwomp activates the P switch, turning the bricks into coins and if you don't time it right and jump at the right time, you fall into the pit. This actually isn't a bad idea, its just kind of poorly executed here. 1/100 but I will give you a few bonus points, +1 for originality, +1 for it being possible to beat, +2 for some good ideas. So your final score is a 5/100 medium difficulty.

05/23/20 at 9:00 PM

Adyj | 3/100

The Trolls
Okay, absolutely not. I already think you know that this level is not gonna fly. You start off with multiple goomba stacked on each other which did have the potential to be a good idea, except here it's not because I could see the goombas beforehand. The bullet bill at the beginning offered absolutely nothing as well. Then, a hidden death block, ultra cheap and terrible troll. Next is a really long bottomless pit, making the hidden blocks extremely obvious. The P-Switch trap was again, very obvious, and the other hidden block here nobody would hit, since everyone would go the top route anyways. Giant slope later with still hidden death blocks, rather cheap. The hidden mushroom blocks was not utilized well at all.

Checkpoint! I guess the 1up here is good? However, this doesn't make up for the rest of the level in any way. Of course you had to give me a pick-a-door next, which is just guesswork. Nothing good about it. The final section, you can SEE the thwomp over the P-Switch, which would have been a predictable troll anyways.

Obviously, there are cutoffs, as shown in the first P-Switch trap. There is absolutely no scenery whatsoever, and the entire level is way too short. It even says it in the title yourself, so you probably expected this bad review coming even before you clicked publish level.


Look at CasTROLL by bananaramen, Totally Not A Troll Level by Neverbit, and ADYJ's Hottest of Hot Garbage by Adyj (me) for some good troll level ideas (these are all SMF 2 levels that probably won't work in SMC, but the point still remains the same). I'd like to see some better trolls in the future. For this level, I'll give 1 point because I have to, 1 point for the level being possible and not a copy, and 1 point for the 1up at the CP, but that's it.

Final Difficulty: Easy (yes, honestly)
Final Rating: 3/100

05/23/20 at 7:42 PM

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