• Description: Please rate high. This cost me 2 weeks.

    I hope you enjoy it :)
  • Contributors: Only me :c
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What Others are Saying

Jirachi | 85/100

I like your level alot, The part I like the most is the ‘‘Sky Part’’
Its really cool.
Maybe update the ‘‘Sky Part’’ if we will have ‘‘Cloud Tiles’’*
*You know what ‘‘Cloud Tiles’’ I mean → the ones that where used in 1 part of a level in
SMW, Sadly they wheren't really used.

05/28/20 at 4:09 AM

dude647 | 100/100

it was kinda weird when diffrent semisolids were there overall good level!

05/28/20 at 12:20 AM

BaronBrrrrett | 75/100

Looks like two weeks of work definitely paid off! Way too hard of a level though.

05/27/20 at 8:27 PM

Adyj | 82/100

2 weeks is decently long. Better than the few days others spend, though the best projects may take over a month.

Beginning Desert
You kind of tried too hard with the scenery this beginning section because it just looks kind of like a mess. I much prefer your later desert sections where there's much less stuff on screen, but still enough to look visually appealing. As for gameplay, there's nothing really special about this beginning section. It's just some enemies to jump over. Slopes are good, but be careful when using them, especially at the gift before the CP, since you can clip through them. The cat cannon here was also kind of annoying, as the bullets kept coming out and following you. Normal bullets would have worked better here.

Checkpoint! The looks of this level definitely gets better here, as there's not as much stuff on screen. It was overwhelming before. Gameplay also had a slight improvement. Still, Nintendo-esque, but more to do here.

Design was nice. I've rarely seen good use of a light fog, and it was nicely done here. The theme of platforms you used was also good. However, gameplay here suffers. There are just an overload of bullet bills here. Having a few may make some good challenges, but here, it eventually got overwhelming. Bouncing off of the bullet bills was fun. Having to deal with an entire wave of 7 bullet bills coming from behind was not. The green switch and warp did help a bit, though I'd like the switch warp to take me back to where I was, not the beginning.

Middle Desert
This was more Nintendo-esque gameplay, not that it's a bad thing. I liked this section a lot more than the bullet bill section I endured previously. Scenery was also nice. You had some deco, and the water (despite the desert theme) actually added quite some depth to the design.

Darkness and End
This section had quite some paths I could have taken, which was nice. I would have rather not have the death blocks as the center of the fast rotating platforms since I could land on the edge of the platform, and having the fire flower would mean I'd just get my head taken off by the death block. Otherwise, nice key finding section. Donuts help me get back. Design was also nice. I'm glad you used the darkness effect here. Offers a good atmosphere and better than a blindness effect.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 82/100

Main thing's the bad scenery in the beginning and the bullets in the sky section.

05/27/20 at 4:39 PM

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