• Description: Update: Minor visual tweaks, fixed some cutoffs. Checkpoints have been added to three of the levels in the game.

    Update 2: Fixed more cutoffs, tweaked some gameplay, etc.

    Update 3: Replaced brown coins with dragon coins!

    Welcome to SMC Redux - Part 1! Here are the first three levels of the first world of the game; Generic Grasslands! For each world, there will be around six levels total, all around a relying theme. Let's see how far I can go in terms of level-making! Have fun playing!

    Thanks to Smuglutena, StarrTiger and Chandazure for playtesting and giving feedback!

    Theme for Watered Caverns by the talented Mario Silva!
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What Others are Saying

FCalvin | 94/100

This level is really long and it has a lot to offer. The themes are pretty overused but with some interesting ideas, the bouncy mushroom pads were really fun once you get the hang of them.

02/23/22 at 6:39 AM

pafooka | 100/100

Wow. This level is amazing

12/28/21 at 4:57 PM

JetWing34 | 94/100

I'll very slightly disagree with NESFilipGamer from his review, but the reason why this level didn't really live up to its expectations is mostly because the tiles are placed incorrectly or there are cutoffs. I noticed x45 of the third map with a costly cutoff. Other than that, the gameplay was pretty well-done despite the level being pretty lengthy. Very good level design, Deciduu!

94 (A) / MEDIUM

12/22/21 at 4:29 PM

NESFilipGamer | 75/100

I'll give off a quick summary of the level so I don't have to go over everything again. Basically, the design was really well done and everything but the gameplay was dull and wasn't challenging at all and could have been executed better. Also the bouncing mushrooms look horrendous because there is music blocks on them and they should be in the middle in Layer 2 because you don't see the blocks on the edge and the trees are done wrong. Also oof minor cutoff at (Map 3) X:47 Y:0

In conclusion, a decent level but needs major improvements.

Boring gameplay (-40)
Good design (+10)
Bad mushrooms (-2)
Trees are done wrong (-3)
Minor cutoff (-1)
My feelings towards the level (+11) (don't wanna be too harsh)

A 75/100 and a difficulty of Easy, decent job I guess, this review is lazy I'm just remembering from my head.

Rating: 75/100
Difficulty: Easy

12/22/21 at 4:13 AM

Smile Construct | 88/100

Amazing! but there are some bugs with decorations

11/07/21 at 4:57 AM

dominilinho | 100/100

cool level

07/22/21 at 8:27 AM

Sonic3213 | 92/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/23/21 at 12:49 PM

Hi dog_2 | 100/100

Super good level

04/15/21 at 8:32 PM

OmegaXis32 | 86/100

i saw some cutoffs near the beggining, plus i didn't like one part required the super mushroom, other wise good stage, the scenary is great albeit a little overdone.

03/25/21 at 12:21 AM

valterriitsjames77 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/15/21 at 3:05 PM

NotSoCubic | 80/100

This is such a cool level! Probably not a level but something. However I cant give you a 10 or even a 9 because of the overdecoration. Never go crazy with decors.

My rating is:

8/10 (Perfect)

Try to be less artistic when creating levels please!

01/08/21 at 10:32 PM

TheToastBunny Productions | 90/100

The level had some cutoffs here and there, and the Thwomps in Level 2 were plain unfair, but it was still fun.

12/20/20 at 2:14 PM

adam02oc | 98/100

Well this level is definitely an instant classic! The concept and execution of the lobby was perfect, short and simple yet also very appealing scenery-wise. All three levels were excellent and they obviously had a ton of hard work put into all of them. Let's go through each of the three levels, from imo worst to best.

#3 Here We Go Again
This was about as good as it gets when it comes to generic grassland levels. The scenery was amazing in nearly every regard. My favourite feature by far was the use of water falling through holes in the terrain. Very cool looking. The gameplay was great, only complaint I have on this front was the Large Monty Mole feeling a tad out of place. The last Dragon Coin, while a fun challenge, felt a bit unfair since most players will have killed the Bob-ombs before progressing to that part. Maybe Bob-ombs inside baddy boxes would have been better?

#2 Up In The Sky
No problems with gameplay here, it was damn near perfect. A nice 'n easy final section for the player to blast through. Scenery was good, however I felt there could have been slightly more in places. Since it's a sky level I'll forgive you. A foggy overlay would have been cool in this section imo. Some layering errors with the bubbled enemies, but that's a hard mistake to fix.

#1 Watered Caverns
My favourite section. Everything from the cavern's excellent presentation to its simplistic yet addicting gameplay made it a joy to play through. The Hammer Suit challenge was very unique and offered a surprising amount of exploration and backtracking. It added another layer of "Open World" to the level.

To conclude, a fantastic level which truly deserves it's feature! Very excited for the second installment of World 1, the themes sound very interesting.

LEVEL'S APPEARANCE (Scenery, Colour Scheme, Decor, etc.): Pretty much perfect. [10/10]

LEVEL'S FUNCTIONALITY (Does everything have a purpose, are there softlocks? etc.): No problems here of course. [10/10]

LEVEL'S AESTHETIC (Does the level follow a consistent theme? Is it immersive/atmospheric? Music/Background?): Easy ten. [10/10]

LEVEL'S FUN (Longevity, Enjoyment, Fair or Unfair, etc.): Very enjoyable. [9.5/10]

LEVEL ORIGINALITY (Any creative, unique or original ideas? Is the level forgettable or rememberable?): Choc-a-bloc full of creativity in every aspect. [9.5/10]


08/26/20 at 3:53 PM

Bar5723 | 98/100

Literally amazing level design! However, quite a bit cluttered.

08/25/20 at 10:11 PM

misterMario | 100/100

bring two because this super redux is very cool !!

08/25/20 at 6:03 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 92/100

This level is a breath of fresh air, offering some of the best Construct feature uses I've seen yet; a great blend of scenery, also the hub idea I really like, and the hidden challenges found in secluded areas. Having waterfalls in an otherwise dry setting, the cave section's easily the most aesthetic, and the sky zone while less impressive visually, also had some pretty fun moments and experimentation with the platforms. Gameplay's decent, but may be a little repetitive with the enemy placements; thwomps and spineys exemplify this, and one of the spineys in the sky section travels behind the scenery for whatever reason, overall I'd like to see more variety with the cave and sky section. Oh and did I mention the scenery looked great?

08/24/20 at 1:57 AM

Mesopotamia | 100/100

I am SUPER SUPER late to reviewing this, so let's see how this level fares!

Generic Grasslands: There''s really nothing much to say about this one. The gameplay's pretty decent and the scenery was pretty good. I especially liked the contrast between the forest and grassland scenery, though I'd like to see more of it in the first half, but that's not an issue. Also appreciate the bonus room :D

Watered Caverns: Again, the gameplay was pretty decent, but since it's the first world of the series, I'd let you off the hook. I liked what you did with the cave and retro grassland tileset, it is a great way to liven up a cavern theme. Some of the Thwomp placements did get a little repetitive, but in all, the overall level and scenery design of all 3 levels was what made playing this level worthwhile. The secret exit was a nice little detour with the use of the hammer Mario powerup though.

Up in the Sky: If there's one level I prefer the most out of the 3 levels, it would be this one. I liked what you did with the bouncy mushroom platforms and donut platforms, which made this level arguably the most fun to play of the 3. Though the gameplay in the second half started to feel a little repetitive, the athletic nature mixed with the jolly vibes of the atmosphere was what made this level my favorite of the bunch.

08/23/20 at 1:51 PM

Pixel Fox | 100/100

This Level is Amazing! It make me feel like I'm playing an actual Mario Game! Everything about this Level is Great, From The Music To The Gameplay!

08/23/20 at 1:01 PM

super shadow1 | 100/100

this level is very good

08/23/20 at 8:58 AM

MarioConstructor | 100/100

Oh, I see this level featured many times.
Not wondering why this level is featured many times.

First, This level is a level pack but just 3 lives at start. This make easy level more challenging, another level with long length often have 7 or more lives at start.

Second, The scenery in this level was a "GOD" rank. this is the best thing in your level.

Third, Don't have any cutoffs and any error in this level.

Finally, It's great for your level maker team.

Final Score : 100/100 (perfect)
Difficult : Stage 1 (Main) --> Easy
Stage 2 (Main) --> Easy
Stage 3 --> Medium
Stage 1 (Shortcut) --> Easy
Stage 2 (Shortcut) --> Easy, but unique

Also,5 players in your creator team. Easy Featured.

08/23/20 at 4:21 AM

ThePaperAirplane | 100/100

I can't describe how good this level it's, the only thing i can say it's you are a madman.
Keep doing that! Cheers!~

07/21/20 at 9:40 PM

priyaasthana | 100/100

This was amazing..nice scenery and design and the challenges i liked everything! wow!

07/12/20 at 12:57 PM

Christopher | 100/100

Very good gameplay and nice scenery

07/12/20 at 6:27 AM

SANTIXU | 100/100


06/21/20 at 9:04 AM

Tashant | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/17/20 at 9:35 PM

Skeleboi 173 | 99/100

Wow, I'M BLOWN AWAY, there are a lot of stuff that amazed me! This is going to be a long rate.


It's really amazing, I just couldn't stop looking at it, the scenery was also very nice, nothing wrong here.

Hub World:

yeah, the same thing goes here, and yet, still nothing wrong here, especially the intro for the 3rd level.

Level 1 - Here we go again:

again, THE FLIPPING SCENERY IS JUST AMAZING, i have collected all 3 brown coins, i like the idea of using the bob-ombs, it's kinda weird seeing the spike enemy in the level but ok, and it's good to know that Toad tells, what's about to hit me, nothing is wrong here, but you could add little more power-ups, like 2 more, if you already know how to customise the question box then skip to the next review.
Select the question box and then press shift and makes sure it shows the mushroom, and then place it, after that, you hold shift and then click on the box that you just placed and you will be able to customise it, that way, if you're small Mario, you get a mushroom, but if you're big, you get something else.

Level 2 - Watered Caverns:

Section 1:

since there are lights, drybones and thwomps, the music really fits, but there is a cutoff somewhere in X: 118, Y: 0, and the scenery is still amazing, and i love the idea of using the blue bricks and those annoying beetles.

Section 2:

i have collected all 3 brown coins, and ye the hammer suit, i love the idea of using the hammer suit to get to the secret area but it may ruin a bit of the scenery, but eh, not your problem.

BONUS Section:

it's nice and creative, thank you for putting 2 P-switches other wise it would've been impossible.

FINAL Level - Up In The Sky:

This was definitely the best one, the music, the bouncy mushroom platform, the blue bricks, the doughnut blocks, and even enemy in bubbles, it's just amazing, nothing really wrong in this level. [Insert Edit that I have collected the 3 Brown Coins]

Things that I have took points away for:

- Level 1 - Here we go again: Could've added more power-ups (-3)
- Level 2 - Some cutoffs (-3)


- How much it has amazed me (+2)
- At least adding all the checkpoints we all need (+2)
- The thumbnail (+1)

Difficulty: Medium
Original Rating: 94
Final Rating: 99

I didn't notice the bonus area in level 1 and some other cutoffs until now lol

06/14/20 at 1:12 PM

Vexilon | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/12/20 at 6:05 PM

Seven | 95/100

You have once again amazed us with another great addition to your level portfolio :P
The scenery once again is just stunning, featuring dazzling mixes in every map, specially the cave level. I also think that it is the best looking cave level made in Super Mario Construct so far! It looks simply amazing and everything remains consistent till the end. Though I felt that the desert tiles at map 3 x:40 cluttered the view a bit. Nothing serious though.
The gameplay is as classic as it gets, with nice twists along the way. Simple yet fun to go through. The only real flaw I can find in the entire level is the repetitiveness of the Thwomp setups in the cave map, you could make one of them move horizontally to break the monotony in the gameplay flow here.
Other than that, excellent job, deciduu! Can't wait to see more levels from you!

06/02/20 at 11:26 AM

XV 15 | 99/100


06/02/20 at 10:55 AM

awesomeness777 | 96/100

Great scenery, pretty good challenges, and cutoffs when the donut blocks fell :o

Also, I felt that the challenges relied a lot on just the cool stuff you can do in SMC, rather than creativity.

+1, I'm a sucker for NSMB music :D

06/02/20 at 9:32 AM

enn123 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/02/20 at 6:09 AM

Ralphiboi | 100/100

Very good level and atmosphere, and the designing of it. And also a good level

06/02/20 at 2:47 AM

Adyj | 95/100

Ultra late, but whatever.

Generic Grassland
Design is good. I like the addition of the waterfalls along with the green grassland, as it adds more texture to the trees and bushes, though the backgrounds do feel messy at times like at X:100 and on, where I felt there was a bit too much on screen, and even with all of your scenery, I'd still like to see the background. Gameplay was good. Each non-scenery enemy had a purpose to it, which was nice. The brown coins were well hidden amongst the scenery in the level (again, maybe tone it down a little). The warp to red coins was fun, but you haven't properly introduced the bouncy platforms yet, they seemed rather sudden and sometimes even lead to cheap deaths.

Watered Caverns
Again, I like the design. The darkness offered a nice atmosphere, though sometimes interferes with the level (more on that later). Again, the waterfalls are nice. This time, there are more empty spots that allowed me to see the background, which was nice. Gameplay was decent, though some of the thwomps did feel a tad repetitive, and the beetles throwing blocks in the dark was cheap at times. Again, the brown coins were well placed, and well hidden in the darkness. As for the hammer bonus zone, backtracking wasn't the most fun tbh. The P-Switch section was nice until the end, were you honestly shouldn't have put the timing to jump at P-switch end. Overall, another great section.

Up In The Sky
I liked the design for this level the best because while there is still a lot of scenery, it is the most clear in this section, something I wish happened for Section 1. There are also contrasting colors here, which was nice. As for potential cutoffs with the donut blocks, I didn't think they were a big deal. The spinies in bubbles added a good atmosphere to the level, but were quite obstructive at times in terms of gameplay. Speaking of which, gameplay was good, though I didn't really like your intro to the bouncing platforms, and the hammer bros fell off or despawned quite easily. The stress of the donuts falling added quite a bit to your gameplay. As usual, the brown coins were well placed.

Overall Structure
Very good. I liked your use of text boxes at the beginning and at each level's start, and I especially like the SMC Redux background. I also thought the hub was a good idea for these levels (don't know how you can have too many warps :/).

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 95/100

06/01/20 at 4:58 PM

dominic | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/01/20 at 2:27 PM

yolo | 80/100

Honestly speaking this level was long enough to hold on it's own. TBH it wasn't that amazing. Any imagination was not put into the challenges, but instead into trying to create alternate routes and challenges such as the toad challenge, brown coin challenge and 1-ups and 3 ups. The normal route just ended up feeling bland. The scenery was great as always but the use of cave tiles in the sky section just felt off. I've gotta disagree with OT on the hub; too many rooms. It's bad enough it takes 5 seconds to move maps due to level size but they were too many rooms (you didn't even need the first room with a mushroom because you had the CP in the room after). I also found the spinies in bubbles and the thwomps in the caves to be quite repetitive. I never thought I'd say this, but I mostly agree with Filip

06/01/20 at 1:10 PM

LightSage1331 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/01/20 at 11:25 AM

StarTigerrr | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/01/20 at 9:55 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 99/100

This is such an impressive job you've got there

-The Start of the level had an outstanding intro along with a title screen. Music is totally on point. The Hub to level over next level is built really well and smooth, such as that transition to the 3rd Map.

-The First level, is such a delicious look. You have those irl dirt mixtures. Dark and Light. Who knows? When the palette update comes, you might make a spectacular abomination. The level here teaches you not to be dumb. Rushing is irl, your gonna get punished. One of the problems of this level, is one where the checkpoint is not really a safe place. Becareful in where you place enemies near a checkpoint, you'll spawn back with a bit of small reaction time. Then there goes a bunch of variety and generic creativity. And you really like placing enemies on overlays.

-The Second Level, If I recall, The Dark Caverns. So many paths in this cave actually made it almost a Nintendo level. It's pretty cool, brown coin placement is placed really well along with challenges that bond with it. The pipes on slanted pipes made the level alot nicer to give the more chill of the underground level. Everything here makes the level really darky feel, the enemy placement is quite similar to the first level, not being dumb, this section is like a part of pie with same texture but different taste.

-The Third Level, Probably known the ~Trump Card~ of this level (Because other people said it :/) turned out to be the difficult ramp increaser. The introduction of the bouncing mushroom trampoline such as the green one was well executed tho it takes time to get used to it, since in rare times you might unnoticed it. As the level progresses, there's some really difficult challenges that are used too early, such as two hammer bros on really small platforms. I've also noticed that some people call it cut-offs when they step on donuts blocks to create them. These are the line scenery attachments you used to attach the donut blocks, when you drop them, you create liney cut-offs. Other then that, because of how this level is so good. I'll consider it as a meh.

-I'm taking down points for a checkpoint being unsafe, along with that double hammer bro part on really small platform, the cut-offs created by falling donut blocks are meh. I'm surprise that you managed to build your scenery in correct places. Consider all of that taken down for 1 point.

Gameplay: 40/40
Level Architect: 39/40
Level Design: 20/20
Total Score: 99 (Easy) (2499C)

06/01/20 at 6:20 AM

KoopyLoogy | 100/100

This must've taken a lot of time! The decorations here are awesome and the gameplay is very nice too! You also have some nice secrets laid out like the hammer section and the key exit (which I totally didn't look at from the editor lol)

06/01/20 at 2:23 AM

Lyric_TheLegend | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/31/20 at 10:26 PM

BreadBoi64 | 100/100

Great level, I love how you transitioned the levels smoothly. Whats my favorite part? THERE ALL MY FAVORITE!
Cant wait to see more!

05/31/20 at 4:30 PM

Smuglutena | 100/100

This Redux Does Not Sux

Firstly, I gotta thank you for letting me playtest this level beforehand. I felt pretty honored to try it out ngl, but before I start gushing over this level, let's get to the points.

The Aesthetics

Stylish and varied. With how you made each section different from one another, not in just theme, but also looks, is very well done and looks splendid! From the lush and amplified terrain of the not so generic grassland area, to the waterlogged, lantern illuminated cave, to the twisty, fungi infested skies, this level is nothing less than beautiful. The backgrounds and music also tie this level together very nicely into a bundle of satisfying scenery. Very very well done!

The Gameplay

Pretty traditional. Now don't get me wrong, traditional may seem pretty bland at times, but you managed to pull it off very well here. The various use of your gimmicks and enemy diversity really go hand in hand with each other and play nicely. For an example, the enemies in the bubbles coupled with the bouncy mushrooms felt right and was pretty fun to deal with. Either you can use the bubbles to your advantage to gain more height, or you can use the mushrooms to avoid the bubbles entirely, not releasing the enemy. How you used the Spikes in the first level worked very nicely too, and I love how you used coins as an indicator for the player to know, "Oh hey, maybe I should hide over here to avoid the Spike's spike ball!" Excellent job! This huge level is also dotted with a few secrets here and there, which always brings a smile to my face. Both bonus areas where pretty good as well! The second one that makes use of the hammer suit was pretty frantic, but also pretty fun!

Overall, aaaah this is great! With how everything compliments each other both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, just makes this a blast to play! Just, again, splendid job my dude. I've honestly got no complaints for this, everything just works out so nicely. Just like always, very very well done! My laurel crown goes off to you my dude, keep up the fantastic work!

05/31/20 at 4:24 PM

Orangetack | 100/100

The best SMC level so far, by a mile. Well, three levels. First of all, I love the hub idea which is executed perfectly. Even how you hit the ceiling to enter the sky level and everything. And ok, it would have been a wiser choice to make each level a separate actual level, because half the players probabyl won't bother to go all the way to the end of this seeing as it's three times the length of a normal level. It would also have been wise to put a checkpoint in each of the three levels, instead of just between each level. But no matter. This is still incredible.

The challenges feel classic with a modern spin, my favourite being the third level which was a doozy with all those bubbles and donut blocks. The visuals are outstanding, again the best I've seen so far in SMC. Especially in the third level, which was just bloody gorgeous. Amazing job on this. If the rest of the series is this good we're in for a treat.

05/31/20 at 4:15 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr | 100/100

This level was amazing. I also liked the way you did the hub world to. Can't wait to see more of this

05/31/20 at 3:33 PM

Jirachi | 100/100

Great level, I played this on my tablet with my keyboard,
I liked how you placed every part into one big level.
There is nothing wrong with this level in my mind.

05/31/20 at 3:33 PM

dude647 | 100/100

very good level i liked the idea of a hub world!

05/31/20 at 3:19 PM

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