• Description: "The end may only be the beginning."

    Time after time. Mario must come to terms with Bowser. But this time, Bowser's been nowhere to be found. No, this time it's Boom Boom, and he's kidnapped the Toads, but will that be all he's done? It's time to enter the castle and find out.

    NOTES: First, during the boss fight, there are lava falls, these lava falls are actual lava, there you go, that's all you need ;)
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What Others are Saying

Skeleboi 173 | 95/100

this looks really good! there were rarely any flaws in this, pretty cool idea with the one baddie box too.
the only flaws in this level were some of the layer issues and tiling.
the fence tiling (or whatever that's suppose to be) at the 2nd drybone in the level, it had weird a very weird layer issue, and the tiling didn't really fit.
it's cool with the skull ceiling but at the end of each row, it kinda looks like a cutoff.
at the boss, it also had a weird layer issue when the saw is about to bounce (the bottomless pit floor layer)
this level was easy in my opinion, i also loved the idea of the boss and switch palace.

Things I took points away for:

- Layer issues (-3)
- Very tiny cutoffs i guess (-1)
- Tiling (-1)


Difficulty: Easy
Rating: 95

10/04/20 at 10:43 AM

Sonic the hedgehog | 100/100

Wow, this is really extreme! good work!

07/29/20 at 10:39 AM

turkishman1451 | 100/100

this level is awesome

07/29/20 at 10:05 AM

SANTIXU | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/29/20 at 8:56 AM

JetWing34 | 90/100

Okay, I'm just going to leave the link to myself beating the level. Be sure to check it out!


My rate is 90 out of 100.

07/29/20 at 7:51 AM

Mario00000000 | 90/100

I liked this level. The aesthetics looked great. I really liked the darkness effect to it. It really seemed fitting especially with the candles and the skulls lining the ceiling. It was fun to play although the gameplay wasn't anything new or original. The level itself was short but the boss fight made up for it. The window tiles didn't look very good because it doesn't move with the background it looked like it was floating there rather than being attached to a wall. The level was short and the gameplay was generic with the exception of the bossfight. I liked the bossfight. It was new in that it had a timer to where you progress to a newer part of the bossfight where you fight the bullies, then boom boom and then it gets harder from there. The problem is that i ended up beating the bosses quite fast and had to wait a bit for the next section but other than that, it's pretty cool!


07/24/20 at 7:50 PM

Adyj | 91/100

I liked the overall aesthetics of this lvl. It has some nice castle tiling with the skulls lining the ceiling and the flames from the lanterns and such. The windows did look good, but didn't really go well in front of the background, since when Mario moves, the background also moves, while the windows didn't. The yellow !-switch was also placed kinda weirdly. It should be raised up more. Other than that, the visuals were good.

Level overall wasn't anything mindblowing, but still a good play. The beginning dry bones was a bit close to Mario, I'd rather have the beginning be a safe zone. After that, thx for the powerup. The dry bones at the beginning honestly weren't the most engaging were ok, then a sawblade and thwomp. The first dragon coin should have been in a harder location, didn't really feel like a bonus so out in the open like this.

Map 2 was fun. The firebars here provided a good challenge to the player, especially the firebars at the On/Off block. Again, the dragon coin is a bit out in the open, it was just there for easy grabs. Going back out into the main map though, it didn't really have the same fun as Map 2, as it was just jumping enemies and pits, though I do like the idea of the saw from the baddie box. Third dragon coin was better, though it's still a rather straightforward grab. The firebar at the end of this was nice tho.

CP! Now for the boss fight. I definitely liked the idea of this, having progressively timed bossfights, first the bullies, then the Boom Booms. One gripe for this section tho, is that the time between the bullies and first Boom Boom were a bit on the longer side, so I ended up having to wait because I defeated the bullies fairly quickly. Finally, I did end up dying in Map 4 because I was trying to explore first. Maybe having invisible blocks here to block Mario off would have been better.

Overall fun, I'd say worth a low Gold. It would need to stand out a bit more for a higher Gold, since it does sometimes feel a bit generic, like the beginning of the level and right after Map 2.

Seems like a rather complicated contraption, even though it's just spawning shells at intervals. I'll be messing around with this trying to make defeating the boss trigger the next wave, instead of having it time based.

Final Difficulty: Easy
Final Rating: 91/100

07/24/20 at 5:52 PM

ColdFloofyGamer | 100/100

Pretty fun, the boss was fantastic and the decorations were great! I hope you continue to make more fantastic levels like this one.

07/24/20 at 2:05 PM

mandrut2003 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/23/20 at 10:09 AM

awesomeness777 | 82/100

The level looked really good and the boss fight was pretty cool, but the gameplay was just a generic castle adventure. Also, the first and 3rd dragon coins were too easy to get.

07/23/20 at 9:54 AM

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