• Description: This level was made with viewers of yesterday's stream as well as the Level Palace community, it was them who picked the theme, main mechanic and other content.
    It was a very awesome stream, full of fun, laughter and learning!

    You can watch the making of this level by clicking the following link:

    This turned out to be a pretty interesting level, and it was made in less than 3 hours, which is impresive to me.
    Thanks to everyone who came by and helped with making this level!

    All I have to say now is to have fun with the level. Because we sure did when making it!
  • Contributors: Enn123, Luigibonus, The Flying Dutchman, Orangetack, Smuglutena, Mesopotamia, dominic, Rickz, Nathan nathan, Nuozzu4, IggyHopXD, LyricTheLegend, Skeleboi173, KoopyLoogy, Blueyoshi0014 If I forgot anyone else, I'm sorry but still, thank you for your contribution! You're also legends :)
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What Others are Saying

bowser jr | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/21/21 at 2:32 PM

julians | 100/100

in fine

02/20/21 at 9:19 PM

SANTIXU | 100/100


06/21/20 at 9:22 AM

Skeleboi 173 | 98/100

Ayy! Thanks for having me on the stream! Sorry i'm late, I was distracted by some other stuff, anyways,
this all seems nice, but you srsly left the seaweed cutoffs? what the flip bro?! xD
the cheep chomp was also nice and there were no other cutoffs, except that the level was too short.
and i'm mostly amazed on the scenery, i just can't stop looking at it, especially that sexy piranha plant. (lol)

Things that I have took points away for:

- Too short (-2)
- The slight seaweed cutoffs (-1)


- Checkpoint (+1)

Difficulty: Easy
Original Rating: 97
Final Rating: 98


06/11/20 at 2:09 PM

Adyj | 89/100

Saw this on the stream the other day. Let's see how you and your stream team did.

The design of this level is nothing mindblowing, but still pretty good. You and your stream team put together a nice-looking grassland adventure. Visually, I liked the addition of the water to keep things interesting, and the scenery with the trees, mushrooms, etc. was done well.

The gameplay was fine, albeit basic. You had a typical start with a goomba, followed by our first volcano lotus, then more lotuses before the checkpoint. Though volcano lotuses do seem to be the theme of this level, I would have hoped for a bit more variety of challenges here, while still using volcano loti as the theme of the level.

CP! Now, we've got more loti with a bullet bill launcher that fires at any angle. While the loti work well as scenery, gameplay-wise, it doesn't really work that well, since going quickly through these slopes nullifies the loti, since they take forever to actually spew out their stuff. Next, having a powerup was nice, but the bunny suit doesn't really fit a grassy level such as this, as there's no real use of the bunny suit in this level (no gliding challenges and such). The hammer bros after that and water challenge after that wasn't too shabby. After that is a 1up bonus with a big jump (thx, I guess), followed by the end with whatever that big fish is called, another lotus, and a bit more fish. Using the spring to get to the end was level interaction that I wanted more of towards the beginning, but there are limitations to building on stream, so that's understandable.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 89/100

Also, seaweed cutoffs XD

06/06/20 at 5:18 PM

Nathan nathan | 91/100

This was a decent level that we made together (well, maybe kinda). It doesn't feel that much generic to me, as it was quite creative. So with that, let's review.

The scenery was pretty good, but the pine tree trunks (in the snow section) alone could've been used. They could've been used at 71X, while also under the SMW trees. There are some SMC mushroom gorges could've been used inside the platforms more. The ceiling could also use more grass soil. Speaking of which, the mushroom gorge at 22X has a cutoff. Also, the coin block was supposed to be put right beside the rectangle block, not on top of it. The challenges were pretty good, some of the Cheep Cheeps could've moved at different speeds. The Hammer Bros could've been used a tiny bit more as well.

Speaking of challenges, it's kind of a shame how the water physics are. I guess they do make the level more challenging tho (makes the difficulty close to medium). The Cheep Chomp didn't scare me as much, but it did get me shook (suprisingly). The enemy placement was decent as well (could've been better though). It could have also been a bit longer. As mentioned before, a pretty decent stream tag level. I will give it a rating of 91/100. Hopefully we get to build a water or cave level, as I have some ideas. Can't wait to help with the next one. (Easy) :3

Things that I've took points away for:
Scenery (-2)
Cutoff (-1)
Challenges (-2)
Enemy Placement (-2)
Too Short (-2)

06/06/20 at 3:07 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr | 91/100

You and chat did a really good job with this level.

06/06/20 at 11:54 AM

dominic | 100/100

and i helped upi with this. man is this level nice although i cant get past the cheep chomp pat cause they scare me alot but awesome level anywheys

06/06/20 at 11:46 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

Well hecc if I wish I would've knew earlier that I could've just used the galoomba on the big fish :p
It might not be the most creative level, but I had a helluva time with it specially the ending. Granted the water physics still suck but still

06/06/20 at 9:35 AM

KoopyLoogy | 95/100

Ah right! The collab level u did on stream! It was a fun time, suggesting things like the Hammer Bro and the Carrot. I had to leave the stream for the while and when I came back, u managed to decorate it far better than I could imagine! Nice job. My only complaint is that the level is too small. Also the cheep chomp is still scary lmao

06/06/20 at 9:08 AM

awesomeness777 | 85/100

The level looked nice but it was somewhat short and the gameplay was pretty meh (I actually liked the ending the most...)

Nice stream idea though :)
Just should've taught the viewers how to prevent your level from becoming a GGA (though I guess you somewhat did by adding water sections.)

Also, the big fish is scary... gives me bad memories from NSMBDS and SM64 :

06/06/20 at 8:53 AM

francy Y | 98/100

nice level, congratulations to those who contributed, the challenges, scenarios and gameplay were fantastic, the only part a little meh, is the ending, you could add more :)


06/06/20 at 7:58 AM

Christopher | 90/100

Hello you made this level with viewers and your level isn't too bad.The level is short please make a big level level next time,bravo for your level.


06/06/20 at 7:56 AM

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