• Description: Ver.1.0
    Level Date:

    -X: 6280 Y: 0 (acceptable)

    -Difficulty: Medium

    -Series: Theater series

    -This Level is 100% possible.

    -custom music: http://youloop.org/loop.php?v=wLg8oUE4H9E

    -CBG: By Przem1994

    -CODE: http://pastebin.com/t5aJLZit

    Level Date:

    -Added: More Scenary, change of enemies,corrections on the text box

    -X: 6280 Y: 0 (acceptable)

    -Difficulty: Medium

    -Series: Theater series

    -This Level is 100% possible.

    -custom music: http://youloop.org/loop.php?v=wLg8oUE4H9E

    -CBG: By Przem1994


    Please use the not log votes, because I want to know if the level has any errors.


    Why Dan9122... ;-;
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What Others are Saying

creator | 98/100

Oh, i've heard and seen this series before. I haven't played this, and i didn't see this specific one, but i definetly remeber this. I don't think i need to explain why this idea is so good, since you made a hole series around it, so i'm guessing you already know that this is a really good idea for a level:P

As for the actual level, it is pretty nice. Standard, yes, but everything is very nicely designed. Even tho this level doesn't deserve medium difficulity. This is easy, i did it on my first try. That, or i am just good:P

Anyway, i'm getting a bit of track, so let's keep focus. Anyway, the challenges weren't anything mindblowing, but since it seemed like something that would come out of tradional level, what is probably the way you would design a level for a theater based around Mario, i enjoyed it! Not only that, but it had some great usage of early smf2 version 2.0. The tiling definetly makes me excited too see what you'l do with the newest version, if you will start making levels again!

The only minor complaint i have with this level, is some minor layering issues. Sure, i wouldn't rate down for that in this accasion normally, since you can't use layer 1, but at X 3740, the layering issues can actually cause a cheap death because of that volcano lotus. It's best to be aware of things like that.

Let's look at the final score!
-2 cheap death with volcano lotus

I won't leave my review too long, because others have written half-novels about this level, but this was definetly a creative, yet also enjoyable level! Take this 98.


10/23/17 at 11:11 AM

Filip Underwood | 100/100

Great level! :) The challenges look great, I liked the circus theme you did so you get a 100 out of 100! Great work!

Rating: 100/100
Difficulty: Medium

10/22/17 at 4:25 PM

Mayro SMF | 100/100

I loved this level! The concept of a theater is a great idea, and thus level is pretty hard, TBH. :D

12/23/16 at 8:21 PM

Blueyoshi0014 | 95/100

I remember a while ago, I watched Luigibonus's video on The Theater - Act I. I thought the concept was really cool, then kinda forgot about it. Then you posted a comment on my profile asking me to rate your level. This at first just seemed like a simple self-advertisement people normally do on Level Palace. I played the level, and LOVED it.

Seriously man, kudos to you! This level is really one of a kind (despite the other acts you made, obviously) and it was a wonderful experience. I loved the scenery ideas, and how the concept was like a play. There were a few minor issues, however, but they were barely noticeable. For example, if Mario walks all the way to the other side when the stage begins and crouches, he will begin shaking violently once the bottom of the slope touches him. There were also some enemies which attacked with barely any warning (like the Chargin' Chuck at the play's "first scene") and the Volcano Lotus at X: 2680 is really hard to avoid, but once again, those were minor inconveniences. Bravo and I hope to see an encore!

My final score is a 95% rating, as well as a difficulty of Hard.

10/11/16 at 3:36 PM

SuperDDOGLand | 99/100

Hard as heck. Also, how do you. Make these stuff move? Cuz kinda. I wanna do these stuff :3

Nvm. The level is great. You need to add checkpoints. (I dont know if you added. Because i didnt finished it all)

08/09/16 at 3:09 AM

GreenYoshiFTW | 100/100

Amazing job never seen a level like this the challenges are great. Very enjoyable level to play the scenery was beutiful and with enemies it actually feels your watching a movie! :D (100/100)

08/03/16 at 8:33 PM

luigiXD | 100/100

very creative............................................................................100/100........

08/03/16 at 3:15 PM

PixelFox | 90/100

It's a really good level. It's the kind of thing I'd like to see, the only thing that bugs me a little (and it's just a nitpick) is that the level doesn't really take much from the fact you can't see what's happening next - It's just a normal level that scrolls, if you were a little more creative with the creation of the actual level, and not just creative with the idea of it, it'd probably be the best level I've ever played, now. I'm still going to rate this 100/ 100 because it's a really fun level, I died a few times trying to get to the end, but no major flaws or anything. The level itself was pretty bland, just a normal grassland, with average baddies, and average tiles. I've actually seen the "play" idea used in another level other than this, it wasn't a LP level, it was part of a SMW hack. It had curtains and everything, just they looked more realistic, so I can't say it's too original, at least in my eyes. Overall, it's a nice level, but I think for those, it should lose 2 points.

- Be a bit more creative with the whole Stage Play idea.
- Make the level less bland.

08/02/16 at 8:17 PM

chargingcircle | 100/100

Wow. I like the acting of the stage level. I love how the tiles were put together for Mario to perform. Great level.

08/01/16 at 8:16 PM

Denz | 100/100

Bravo, my friend! I really like how creative this level idea/concept is! It is definitely something I would have never thought of and I'm pretty sure other people would not have came up with this either, so that makes it unique. Everything about this stage is amazing. The scenery is well-designed, tile placement is excellent, and the challenges are actually challenging and one of a kind as well. I don't think I'll ever see someone else make a course like this (unless they stole the idea from you :p). Also, I'm glad you have reached your goal of 40 votes. Keep up the fantastic work, man! ;-)

07/31/16 at 9:44 PM

Good Level Four | 100/100

Best level you have done
The challenge is great and good scenery
(Why 100 character review and how to do short working review?)

07/31/16 at 6:38 PM

kubinka0505 | 100/100

That level looks familiar, maybe i play that level, i dont remember. Anyway, that was very original & unique level. There are good CBG, lots of scenery and monster placement. I give You 100/100 because its very original and funny to play :)
I died one time.. :O

07/31/16 at 11:12 AM

Lord Luigi2014 | 95/100

Wow! What a unique level to play. I feel like I'm inside a theater trying to avoid the enemies. I've never really seen this kind of concept before in level making.

There are some things I want to point out to you. I didn't like the green, brown, and dark dirt titles together in one level. It looks weird to me and doesn't look good. Also the random castle titles within the level looked weird with the forest theme. The curtains (mushroom pillars) were uneven. You could also make the room to have more space within.

Other than these flaws, great job on this unique level! 95/100

07/28/16 at 9:30 PM

TheHylian | 100/100

A Very creative idea for a level, I thourogly enjoyed it. it looked unique and intersting throughout the whole level. it was very fun, keep up the creative ideas!

07/28/16 at 2:15 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Awesome level! I wasnt able to pass it, but I liked it. I didn't find any error. My rate: AWESOME/100 and difficulty:AVERAGE

07/25/16 at 10:42 PM

Thejanos27 2 | 100/100

well, the level was fun, never seen the idea of a theatre before, anyway, I really enjoyed the level and scenery, great job! :)

07/23/16 at 11:17 PM

Markeyruiz97 | 98/100

Wow, the concept of this level was perfectly executed and actually feels like I'm in a theater. However, I feel that this level could use a midway point because it took me a while to beat due to the very slow auto scrolling, and if you die you have to start all over again, which makes playing through the level again not worth it. Aesthetic wise the scenery is very nicely done and it does a great job making it theater like, but I do agree with the uneven curtains; I think you should make the left curtain 1 tile shorter. Otherwise this was a very enjoyable level.

07/23/16 at 2:42 PM

Luigibonus | 100/100

What a creative level we have here! I have never seen this concept of being in a theater before, and in my opinion, it was executed very well too. It actually felt like I was acting. About the gameplay, I couldn't find any problems either, other than that the jump at X:2400 was a bit unfair, it's an annoying jump to make because you don't have much space, and especially if you're big Mario. Aside from that, the rest was really really fun and very theater like.

There are some issues with the theater in L2 tho - like Lord Apoplexy mentioned, the curtains are uneven, the left curtain is 3 blocks while the one on the right is just 2. And now for the scenery... which was absolutely flawless! The scenery also looked very theater like and it was beautiful and amazing. What I would like to see tho, is the custom music already being imported into the level. It would be even more cool if the custom music started once you reach the actual theater stage!

Overall, one of the most creative levels I have seen in a while, and really fun & awesome as well! Take my 100/100's!

07/23/16 at 1:04 PM

Multi | 98/100

I've rated most of your theater levels, and all of them are great. I do agree with what LA said, about making the "curtains" one tile away so that you can see where the enemies are going to be. The scenery looks okay for a level being on stage. Great job!

Overall Score: 98/100

07/23/16 at 1:00 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

I don't know what to say, It's awesome level with using autoscroll, awesome scenery and creative design. I don't find any flaws. Why not 100? You get a 100/100.

07/23/16 at 9:52 AM

LordApoplexy | 92/100

You want 40 votes? Let me help you with that in exchange that you rate World 1-C of my series when it comes out.

Anyways, I like this concept, I really do. You nailed the concept of a theater play nicely, but I think it could've been handled better. You don't get a lot of view of what's coming ahead of you, and that's the only problem with this level along side with some minor ones. You could perhaps move the "curtains" one tile away more from Mario, and then you would nail it superbly. Also, I noticed just now, but the curtains are uneven. The left curtain is three tiles long while the curtain on the right is two tiles long. Try evening them out, since curtains in theaters are as evenly placed as possible.

Aside from that, this level feels like a movie you control the character in, as the concept describes. I felt like watching an actual theater, which is a good thing while avoiding enemies coming from the right. And the level is an autoscroller level, which isn't really the easiest type of level to make aside from underwater levels. I can understand the lack of puzzles in this level, but there could've been a few backtracking elements. My suggestion is to lower the floor of the wooden boxes and raising the ceiling by one tile, thus giving the level more open space, thus allowing you to add in a few P-Switch challenges here and there.

Aesthetic wise, it's good. Nothing else to say, really. The scenery is also great in this level, the use of trees, bushes and shrubs is always a sight that I love in levels like these. However, not every scenery is like this, and here is where the minor problems come into play.
I felt like the use of black, green, and brown dirt tiles felt a bit out of place, as well as the random castle pillar at X: 4180 and X: 5220. Along with that, the use of goal post pillars throughout the level just doesn't feel right to me at all, and could've been replaced with wooden poles like the ones you sometimes see in my level.

Overall, a solid level! This easily gets a favorite for its unique concept, despite the execution being good at best. It also has some good scenery in it, as well as me enjoying the challenges in this level as well.

07/23/16 at 7:15 AM

SavaXiller99 | 100/100

Wow wow wow! It's an awesome play! :D Anyways, it's a REALLY awesome level! I really enjoyed the challenges, the design, the creativity, etc. I don't see any flaws with this level! :) I swear, I have never seen this type of level! Great job Carlos! :D Your total score is 100/100! :)

07/22/16 at 8:39 PM

FullMetalDragon | 100/100

A nicely done, creative level. The challenges in this level are neatly placed with some creativity in it, and scenery in it made me feel like as if I am in a forest myself. Not else much to say here...

-FMD, LP Moderator

07/22/16 at 7:40 PM

Asul | 100/100

For I don't see this before on PG, for I'm inactive as heck user, that concept was really good. Even that it was Act 3 when I now saw this, you still have put your efforts on it. A 100/100, and a cookie (want dem cookies? XD)

06/06/16 at 11:02 PM

dogng | 99/100

I can see the amount of thought and sense of concept put into this level and its idea. I love this series and I always will because of the unique aspects to it other than just replications of structures.

06/02/16 at 7:07 PM

Liam | 100/100

I love it. It's a really unique idea, and the designed level for it is well made and doesn't have scenery all over the place. A little thing I like is the mushroom at the start.

It's a great level - I have no problems with it.

05/31/16 at 1:14 AM

Mario00000000 | 100/100

Just Awesome! It's like a theater. Great challenges and lots of scenery. I like how you when to the curtains and get a mushroom like you change to your costume. Great challenges. Creative Level! Great game play ,too

Status: 10/10 ASTOUNDING LEVEL!!!!

05/28/16 at 11:54 PM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

I think I have already played this level on PG... Anyway, it's a very fun and creative level. I didn't find any flaws so you get a 100/100.

05/28/16 at 2:16 PM

King of Eterity | 100/100

I see nothing wrong with this. It was a very interesting concept that I believe no other person has tried before, and challenges appear to vary. It is king of annoying that everything goes behind the curtains but it would not really be a theatre otherwise.

Sadly, I did disappoint the viewers, sorry =D

05/27/16 at 3:15 PM

SirSword | 100/100

Such an amazing level! It was very creative, and I felt like an actual actor!

I see no problems on this level (at least, not that I can see) and you get the first 100 rate from me ever! Well played! Keep up the good work!

05/26/16 at 9:55 PM

Pichu | 100/100

Good level buddy, i had some fun playing this. Challenges are creative and scenery is great. Nice work buddy (:p

05/26/16 at 7:28 PM