• Description: This level was made with viewers of my latest stream as well as with the Level Palace community, it was them who picked the theme, main mechanic and other content.
    It was an amazing stream, full of fun, laughter and learning!

    You can watch the making of this level by clicking the following links:
    PART 1 - https://youtu.be/sQ51LrJZxiU
    PART 2 - https://youtu.be/mVvaMdrBHgg

    This honestly turned out to be a great level, and it was made in a relatively short time compared to my own solo levels.

    You'll have to hotfoot in a snowy area, as you must collect clocks to survive!

    Here's the playthrough video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2F2p1XyjO0

    Thanks to everyone who came by and helped with making this level!
  • Contributors: Smuglutena, creator, IggyHopXD, yolo, BoonAndTheRingo, Tempest Storm, francy Y, Nathan nathan, Skeleboi173, Adyj, and more, if have forgotten anyone, I thank you too!
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What Others are Saying

Matheus | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/16/20 at 7:33 PM

CBGaming | 100/100

great level

09/13/20 at 9:22 PM

Skeleboi 173 | 98/100

well it's about time i rate this, so overall the scenery is nice, nice challenges and the ice was really well placed, but you can cheese some of this with the snowballs (the cannon part).
the cave map was nice as well, nothing wrong with that, but i was playing this on version 4 so yeah, there were A LOT of bugs but i won't take off points for that, and also some of the challenges can be skipable by just running past them, the thwomp was nice i guess, the blue goombas and snow pokeys were pretty fitting with the level, what else can i say?
and yes i remember doing this tag with you on the stream, and also icycles were added to SMC so we'll use that if we're doing a snow level.

Things that I took points away for:

- Snowball Cannon Cheese (-1)
- Skipable Challenges or it just needs more challenges (-2)


- Checkpoint (+1)

Difficulty: Medium
Original Rating: 97
Final Rating: 98

07/05/20 at 5:41 AM

SANTIXU | 100/100

great level

07/04/20 at 7:51 PM

DSGP | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/30/20 at 11:24 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/29/20 at 3:56 AM

creator | 98/100

hey, it's ya boy, Creator!

I took my sweet time getting this short review out here, but here I am. I must say that the streams were a blast! It was a lotta fun and I learned a little bit about SMC just from watching them. The level we made is super solid too: I love the visuals here. The ice blocks (yea I know what you're thinking)+ the bones looks surprisingly good! The challenges are very diverse and creative, and the design is overall pretty good. The only problem is one oversight: if you spin jump on the snow pokey at the beginning, there won't be any snowballs. This sucks because you need those snowballs to progress, and I definetly didn't know that my first time. Sad times:P

not a fault but looking back on the cave section, I wish it was longer. The skull platforms worked good, but I wish we could have used them more to make even more creative challenges!

Yea, that's all. Very solid level. I'll give it a 98/100. Medium difficulty too, even though strangly enough I had a lot of trouble the second time that I went through the first section. Why a second time? Well, you'll see soon enough..


and now the fresh video is here!

06/26/20 at 2:50 PM

dominic | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/25/20 at 12:05 AM

superlarrio64 | 100/100

great level laggy af tho

06/23/20 at 5:00 PM

Nathan nathan | 95/100

What another good level we made together. Pretty good for a speedrun level as well, as I was kinda iffy on the speedrun idea at first. It does still have a few things that could be improved on though. So with that, let's get to reviewing.

To start off, the scenery was nice and pretty creative. The designs for the snow tiles (scenery) were pretty nice, and a couple reminded me of the ending of Super Mario Bros 3. I do agree with Christopher though that there could be more scenery (outside), as some parts kinda lacked like 192Y, 180Y, 155Y, 110Y, 89Y, and 20Y. There's also the icy cave that kinda lacked in scenery (there wasn't enough). The ice blocks were designed (or placed) pretty well, considering your obession for them. Like KoopyLoogy mentioned, the stone slope (at 30Y) could've been in Layer 2, as it looked pretty odd in plain sight with the snow tiles.

I won't take points off for this though because slopes has issues themselves in SMC anyway (LB fix the slopes!) The challenges were pretty good too, altough there is still a couple of those cheeses that Adyj mentioned. The amount of time you gave was fair, not too tight for a speedrun. The enemy placement was pretty nice as well, could've been better though. As I said before, this was a good speedrun stream tag level. I will give it a rating of 95/100. Hopefully we get to do a cave level next, as I have quite a few ideas. Good job guys (or we all did a good job), and I can't wait to help with the next one. (Medium) :3

Things that I took points away for:
Scenery (-2)
Cheeses (-2)
Enemy Placement (-1)

06/23/20 at 2:55 PM

KoopyLoogy | 100/100

Despite looking simple, I died a lot on this level (might be cuz I suck lmao). The timer wasn't that tight to make it frame perfect but it was tight enough to keep me on my toes. The decorations are outstanding! I like what u did with the slope decorations, very creative! If I had only one complaint abt the level, the sideways thwomp section is kinda precise :P (Btw when I suggested spikes, I meant the enemy "Spike", not those rocket flying spikes lol. Still was a nice section to deal with tho) (Also, you could've hid that stone slope in layer 2. Eh whatever, slopes are janky anyway)

06/23/20 at 11:47 AM

ashley2009 | 98/100

Well, i like the banzai bills warning and like it

06/23/20 at 8:27 AM

TheTroll73 | 100/100

Played a few mediocre levels before this so I'm relieved to see a quality level lol

There is a tiny bit of cheese but you rush through the level anyway so a 100 it is

06/23/20 at 8:13 AM

XV 15 | 90/100

The level is cool but this music doesn't match the speedrun levels !!!

06/23/20 at 8:10 AM

Christopher | 90/100

Hi,you made an another level with viewers but next time you need to make the level bigger and put even more Scenery.Bravo for your level.


06/23/20 at 7:57 AM

Adyj | 92/100

Yo, the level is out! Time to play and rate.

The design of this level was n(ice). I liked the block deco in this level, adding the bones into the snowy blocks, while at the same time, it's not overwhelming. The use of trees in this level was good. I liked how well-put-together the ice blocks were, and the snow blocks had the slopes looked natural. Good job everyone here.

A speedrun ice level is something I actually thought wasn't going to work well, since ice is slippery, and going fast on slippery grounds doesn't sound the most fun. However, you and the stream team managed to pull it off quite well. Even though the timer was never ultra-tight, I still felt the rush in the speedrun, and the level had its forgiving aspects, which was n(ice).

We had a nice introduction to the speedrun, followed by a quick swim up. An alternate strat here is to bring a snowball from the bottom pokey up and use 3 snowballs to allow Mario to not rush for the On/Off. I won't count it as cheese, as it takes some thought to come up with this, and the original strat wasn't that bad. Then, some On/Off action, with some cannons that don't sync as well as you may have hoped. I don't really see the point of them being there. Then, more swimming, a n(ice) spike section, then more On/Off action, this "liveliness" was something I kinda missed in the grass level, so good job here. We did miss a slight cheese where we can grab a snowball from the pokey, and use that instead of the cannon.

CP! You had a nice cave section here, would've liked a clock, but no biggie. Next is a banzai bill with another snow pokey, nothing too bad. I would not have put so many blue throw blocks here, because you can cheese a 1up using another block instead of using the chuck. A reset door and only 1 block would have been better. The chuck smashing the turn blocks was (cool), then a simple thwomp spin. I'll comment a way to possibly fix the slope glitch, and also I would have wished the invisible blocks went all the way to the right to guarantee not falling. Then, a quick wrap-around with the springs, a brown P-switch hit, followed by a high jump before jumping over a chuck for the end. We did a fairly good job, though maybe could've done better with some minor cheeses.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 92/100

Let me know if you can't see what I sent you.

06/22/20 at 8:14 PM

BoonAndTheRingo | 100/100

It was a pleasure!
I remember planning some stuff like the arrows and the vertical speedrun idea. It was fun!
- Good Scenery
- Good Challenges
Diff: Hard

06/22/20 at 7:38 PM

Tempest Voltage | 100/100

What an excellent bone-chilling level! It was really fun to see the level come to life after many hours of crafting it... it's a great level. It was also the birth of Sevens... true love. The scenery is great. Whoever decided to put the bones in the ice is a bloody genius! Everything here is on point and it was great to work with everyone to make this cool level. I don't have a favorite part as everything is good.

06/22/20 at 6:51 PM

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